Opposition? What Opposition!

Little wonder that Rotherham Council is so poor – there’s a distinct lack of scrutiny or oversight provided by the so-called Tory opposition!

There are 7 Tory Councillors on Rotherham Borough Council but what do they spend their time doing? They must all be asleep during Council meetings or absent as few of them has ever been reported as raising any issues with the ruling Labour Group over recent years.

What’s the purpose of having an opposition when they don’t ‘oppose’? Or could the answer be that they are content to take their Councillor allowances, do very little and join in with the ‘troughing’ and ‘social life’ that Councillors appear to enjoy and value above all else?

In my opinion, they act more like an Independent group, showing a lack of co-ordination and direction, presumably with a Group Leader who takes a Leader’s allowance but doesn’t seem to be ‘leading’. It seems to me that Rotherham Politics provides more scrutiny, oversight and comment on the antics of the Council than the official ‘opposition’!!

If the Tories claim to be truly opposed to what the Labour Group is doing, then they should form themselves into a cohesive group, elect themselves a Leader who gives leadership and supports the Group and starts doing what they are on the Council to do!


7 thoughts on “Opposition? What Opposition!

  1. Why would the Tories oppose the council when it is carrying out to the letter what the condems want them to do, i.e. sacking workers. The opposition should come from the cowards in the Labour party who should be refusing to carry out the condems orders. But then how can we expect these to oppose anything when Ed Silliband would rather go to a football match than attend a rally against the condems N.H.S reforms.


  2. Have any of the regulars / “experts” on here thought about investing in a blue shirt and tie, or blouse? Then again I would imagine it’s a touch more difficult to right all of labours wrongs away from the comfort of our cosy sofas.

    I would do it myself but since the expences scandal the job’s lost all of it’s perks.


  3. Did you go out on the hustings last year walking miles printing and posting your own leaflets, talking on the doorsteps trying to break the labour strangle hold on our area. I did it as an independent and a real socialist not a couch one. And I will be doing it again this year at my own expense not some outdated parties. Nor will I be doing it for the perks but out of a genuine belief that I can help people who really need it. So Chris whilst you sit on your sofa I will be out their fighting.


  4. What do you expect them to do? The Tories (like their Labour counterparts) know that RMBC is simply a local delivery agent for central government’s policies; with elected councillors no more than a bit of democratic window-dressing.


  5. Indeed. It begs the question where they were when the CSE scandal was happening. Where was the questioning? Where was the challenge? Where was the scrutiny?

    Nowhere. Just keep paying the allowances and if it looks tricky with the electorate we’ll just change party… 😉


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