Tickets on sale for The best ‘Comedy Club’ in Town – Monday 19th March!

Rotherham Politics has learned that Tickets are on sale for The best ‘Comedy Club’ in Town – known to us as Anston Parish Council, which takes place on Monday 19th March. Show time 19:00 starting with the supporting programme followed by the main event at 19:30. Venue Anston Parish Hall. Pay on the door, entry £5 each or £8 per pair.

Proceeds will be going towards the Chairman’s chain of office fund.

Rotherham Politics Comedy Correspondent will be in attendance, if he can get in, as we understand that locals will be turning up in large numbers to watch the spectacle!

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Stars expected: Dominic Beck (AKA ‘Wonder Boy’, not finished growing up, still lives with his parents!), Iain StJohn and Robin Stonebridge. From the audience, Mr Brindley (Husband of Joyce, PC Member) and John Ireland, probably the worst Chairman in Rotherham (unless readers have a worse example?), performing as master of ceremonies, without benefit of a chain of office, to protect him. Stuart Thornton will be in attendance at the beginning of proceedings but will leave, when the above have performed the eviction ceremony!

Full Cast List:

Councillor John Ireland (Chairman)
Councillor Mrs Judy Dalton (Vice Chairman)
Councillor Ms Jo Burton
Councillor Iain StJohn
Councillor Mrs Joyce Brindley
Councillor Gordon Jarvis
Councillor Clive Jepson
Councillor Stuart Thornton
Councillor Dominic Beck
Councillor Miss Helen Wardle
Councillor Mrs Liz Bridges
Councillor Mrs Liz O’Brien
Councillor Martin Crowther
Councillor Robin Stonebridge
Councillor Steve Baker
Clerk to the Council Michael Gazur

2 thoughts on “Tickets on sale for The best ‘Comedy Club’ in Town – Monday 19th March!

  1. That would be Borough Councillor for Wales Ward Dominic Beck! Forced to update his Interests declaration after having deficiencies pointed out!

    Is this the same Dominic Beck that advises fellow Parish Councillors that, as far as their Interests Declarations are concerned, they can declare or not an interest, it is a matter of personal choice!

    Like hell it is!

    I wonder if the parish clerk remembers, that he should make available for inspection the latest Register of Interests, at every full meeting of the parish council?


  2. It is well worth the visit I and Mr Lewis, the finest heckler in the country, will be in attendance, if allowed in. Do not expect to be able to ask the performers a question if you are a foreigner. By foreigner the comedy club mean none Anstonians, only the performers can be aliens.


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