Mrs Overall’s – Acorn Antiques – March 19th 2012


It was a calm and quiet night – so was the meeting.
Question:    Who was missing?
Answer: The 3 wise monkeys – Robin Stonebridge, Iain St.John & Dominic Beck!


Charity Meeting 7 March 2012

Question:   Do we really need to re-open this loss making white elephant which took the
amazing sum of c £7 per day over last summer, before wages and goods were taken out.
Answer:      NO
Question:   How much did this white elephant lose
Answer:      c £20,000 over 3 years excluding 2011
Question:   Who is pushing to re-open this
Answer:      Judy Dalton & Jo Burton – two aliens who live outside this precept area!
Mr Micawber, would be proud!

Dog Show on The Charity Land:
Question:    What date is this proposed for
Answer:       Nobody knows
Questions:  So why was it discussed
Answer:       Nobody knows
Question:   What are the details, who did it come from, etc.,
Answer:      Nobody knows!
Question:   Is somebody keeping this under their hat and why
Answer:     Well it is Anston non-Quality Parish Council and it is dog wuff

Grounds Maintenance Contract:
Question:   Was the contract before the councillors
Answer:      Don’t be silly
Question:   Did the clerk read the contract to the councillors, end to end
Answer:      Don’t be silly
Question:   Did the councillors have the opportunity to read the contract
Answer:      Don’t be silly
Question:   Did the Chairman read the contract
Answer:      Don’t be silly
Question:   Did the clerk pass it to the chairman for signing
Answer:      YES
Question:    Well did the Chairman sign this unseen and unread contract
Answer:       YES  –
Question:    Was this a CHARITABLE  THING TO DO? – Don’t be silly
Answer:       Who cares – not SILLY BILLY

Finance Meeting:
Enter Boy Wonder (3rd Wise Monkey)  –  10 minutes late

Signs to identify Parish Land:
Question:     Was this originally being pushed by Cllr Iain St.John
Answer:        Yes
Question:     Do we really need to spend MORE money on this pet must have
Answer:        No
Question:     How much is this going to cost
Answer:        Don’t know, Don’t care – Was NOT discussed
Question:     How many members of the public are clamouring for identification of council
Answer:       None – Nil – Zilch!
Question:    Who is supporting this
Answer:       Councillor Dominic Beck
Question:    Does this expenditure bother Boy Wonder
Answer:       Nooooooo – No need to budget? – lives with Mummy & Daddy!

Litter Picks:
Question:    Was a letter received from a parishioner re Litter
Answer:       Yes
Question:    Was it read out for the benefit of the public
Answer:       Don’t be silly
Question:    Should an RMBC councillor promote their personal pet RMBC projects in
Parish Council Meetings.
Answer:       I DO NOT THINK SO
Question:   Then who is doing so
Answer:       Judy Dalton – one of the aliens
Question:    Why did she override a councillor, Stuart Thornton, and stop him from speaking on the subject
Answer:      She insisted on promoting her scheme to get children to do the litter picking
Question:   Don’t we pay rates for Street Pride to do this
Answer:      Yes
Question:   Does what she is proposing amount to child slave labour?
Answer:      Make your minds up good people

Grants per Annum:
Question:   Did Dominic Beck, Boy Wonder, proposed restricting the number of grants to
individual groups.
Answer:      Yes
Question:   Did he fail to address the issue of the current overspend on grants to the public
Answer:      Yes
Well being financially responsible will not enter his mindset – he still lives with Mummy & Daddy

NB: The allocation for the current year – £2,000. The latest spend  £2,900 plus!
The above do not take into account grant reductions and free use of the Hall
Viv Nicholson says – SPEND SPEND SPEND – Who cares!

Cricket Club – To approve Quiz Night:
Question:   Was this approved
Answer:      Almost!!
Question:   Why Almost
Answer:      Well a councillor jumped in and asked for the cost
Question:   Was it £450 – Did all councillors know of this cost
Answer:      Yes it was – and – No they didn’t!
Question:   Why should this large sum be spent on invitation only parishioners
Answer:      We can only afford free nosh for so many
Question:   Was the Chairman, John Ireland, attending the Cricket Club
Answer:      Yes
Question:   Would he be partaking of the free nosh
Answer:      Oh Yes
Question:   Is he a member of the Cricket Club
Answer:      Oh Yes
Question:   Did he declare an interest
Answer:      Nooooooooooooooooo
PASSED ANYWAY – How many councillors are sticking their noses in the trough?

Question:   Did the Chairman get twitchy –
Answer:     OH Yes –
Question:  Was it 9.30pm, were the Beer glasses on?
Answer:     Oh yes – Break a leg!  and the Chairman almost did escaping to the pub

9.45pm     6 items undiscussed, mad rush for the door.

Well who cares – It is Anston Parish Council!

Goodnight all.
Mrs Overall

3 thoughts on “Mrs Overall’s – Acorn Antiques – March 19th 2012

  1. Another wonderful piece from Mrs Overall. With regards to litter picking. It would seem that the female borough councillors have been programmed to put forward to all the parish and town councils that they should get all their citizens; even if they are not guilty, to perform community service. One of the ugly sisters proposed the same at Dinnington, the question is though how much litter will each councillor pick up.


  2. The Third Wise Monkey
    Google ‘Dominick Beck’ and what does one find? …a series of egocentric fabrications. According to one online BBC newspaper, back in 2010, he achieved so called ‘impressive’ A-level results, and with such achievement decided to defer University in favour of running for Borough Councillor. Councillor Beck was elected a Councillor on 5th May, 2011 and is an adviser to the Cabinet Member for Community Development, Equality and Young People’s Issues, quite impressive considering how uniformed he seems to be. Consider this – how much does a young person really know and have experience of these issues straight out of school? Especially since he ‘still does the sort of things other 18-year-olds do, going to the pub, getting drunk,” he admits (BBC News article 2010). This young chap really knows how to bulls***t around just about anything, and if you think he’s a sensible candidate I think you would have a better chance using your vote with the Monster Raving Loony Party next time. Anyway, I believe Mr Beck possesses the personal qualities to succeed in the chamber of Monkeys in Rotherham Borough Council.


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