Trouble and Strife at the Top of Barnsley Council – Hope it’s not catching?

Readers may have missed this story in the Yorkshire Post?

£32,000 for council’s chief to leave his post without working notice

Published on Monday 19 March 2012 09:55

THE former chief executive of a Yorkshire council was paid more than £32,000 to leave with immediate effect rather than work out his notice.

Phil Coppard, who had worked for 36 years at Barnsley Council, is believed to have been forced from his post following a dispute with the ruling Labour group about how the authority should make £24m of cuts.

The Yorkshire Post has learned that Mr Coppard was given three months salary worth £32,848 when he left in January, despite offering to work his notice period. It is also understood he will have his pension paid until March 2013. Read on………

Disagreements all round it would seem? Hope there are no more South Yorkshire Councils, where the Leader has lost confidence in the Chief Executive?

Loss of confidence in this context, almost always means the Chief Executive won’t be bullied into something they know shouldn’t do, but the Leader wants them to do it anyway!

Bullied by the Boss: Website and Twitter feed.

1 thought on “Trouble and Strife at the Top of Barnsley Council – Hope it’s not catching?

  1. Wow, Rotherham Politics I’m sure that this would never ever happen here in Sunny Rovrum, where Da Dodger has utmost faith in his Town Clerk to do his bidding and makes sure that what he sez goes …

    Or maybe you’ve been hearing same whispers az me on Da Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz Grapevine that summat’s not rayt, right, rayt, darn @ Town Hall Towers … governance, what governance.

    Never mind, all will be well while ever the Solar Sun Shines Over Europe, eh … I hear the panel’s yet to convene on the issue of energy from the corporation rooftops …

    No names, no pack drill, I bet our Town Clerk has been given the ultimate verbal vote of confidence from Da Dodger … rayt, right, rayt … so no Golden Goodbye Handshakes from this Borough 🙂


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