Seen elsewhere – News of Denis?

Guido Fawkes has a column on the Sunday Star, he brings us entertaining news about the Rotherham Member of Parliament, Denis MacShane:

“JOURNALIST Joan Smith wrote last week “the female G-spot is a myth” and fellas should stop looking… but that’s news to her ex-partner, Rotherham MP Denis MacShane. Westminster whispers say he’s as keen as ever to carry out bedroom research – and has been trying to enlist the help of Lib Dem Vicky Pryce. Maybe as pillow talk they could discuss the police investigations they’ve both been under – him into alleged expenses fiddling and her into allegedly perverting the course of justice over her ex-husband former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne’s speeding ticket.”

The MacShane Files

Hubris in Rotherham? Well I never!

When Rotherham Politics first learned that Iain StJohn was  to be Agent for Darren Hughes in the elections this year, we thought that things may well be ‘interesting’ to say the least. Iain StJohn had himself been a subject of a nine month police investigation for irregularities resulting from last years parish council elections! A very suitable choice then?

Last Fridays Advertiser carried a short piece on the difficulties Darren Hughes and Iain StJohn were in over the ‘Red Mist’ of posters, supporting Hughes, that went up the weekend of the 21st, just before the postal votes went out, 87% of Anston & Woodsetts ward vote that way, We understand!

On Monday representations were made to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council about this illegal fly posting. Darren was duly ordered to take them down. Karl Battersby’s name has been mentioned in this regard.

Delaying tactics were then employed by the ‘Dodgy Darren’ campaign resulting in these illegal posters staying up for the crucial period of the postal votes. Most return postal votes within the first three days and with 87% of Anston & Woodsetts voters voting this way, by the weekend after when they started to come down, they would already have had the desired effect!

Why were they put up in the first place when Labours own Legal Handbook states:

“Fly-posting is illegal in any circumstances and no poster should be displayed without the consent of the owner of the property. Legal action can now be taken against those benefiting from fly-posting as well as those undertaking it.”

This advice is pretty unequivocal!

So there you have it, either they knew about this and carried on regardless or they were totally ignorant of this either way it demonstrates Labour’s hubris.

Iain StJohn and Darren Hughes, evidently think they have nothing to learn from their own sides advice, nor follow it as Labour ‘owns’ Rotherham Borough!

Have voters been conned? You bet they have!

Does ‘pride come before before a fall’?

On the stump! Campaign Round-Up

Some reflections and snippets on this years local election campaigns and candidates:

“Best of luck to Emma Hoddinott in her quest to become our new young Labour Councillor for Wickersley and Bramley. She has my vote assured.
It will be great if the electors support her and we get a new young face with new thinking, fresh ideas, along with some high principles and scruples into Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip to challenge the waist-busting junketing and greedy accepting of gifts and hospitality that has created the odious political patronage machine of Da Dodger and his scummy gang of Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns.” Grald-Hunter.

“Promoted by Iain StJohn on behalf of Darren Hughes both of 27 Blue Mans Way, Rotherham. S60 5UR. Printed by Hughes & Hughes Developments Ltd, Orchard Centre, West Bar Green, Sheffield, S1 2DA.”

“Hello, I would like to repeat my earlier post to you. I am so glad you received my leaflet OK and thanks for sharing. Please hold me to my pledges to the community I love (if I am re-elected).” Ken Wyatt.

“No leaflets from the Tories this year? completely rubbish candidates too!” Rothpol.

Jahangir Akhtar@Jahangirakhtar

“The Rotherham West labour team were out this pm getting the postal vote out. Great support 4 Kath on the doorstep”

“In our own area Cllr Darren Hughes (Anston and Woodsetts, who was once a Conservative and is now standing under the Labour banner), has distributed letters around our village without his full address.

While Cllr Hughes states he lives in Rotherham he forgets to put Catcliffe on his literature.” Stuart Thornton.

Chris Read@christophe_read 

“When campaigning in this weather, politicos think, “This shows my commitment”. What’s it look like to everyone else? Well. Yes.”

The war of words continues: Vote Dave Smith – Independent Candidate Dinnington Ward

Have something similar? Please leave it as a comment please.

Darren Hughes makes an ass of himself!

We have to give Darren one thing, his single minded determination to con the voters of Anston and Woodsetts Ward into re-electing ex-Tory boy, this time, as a Labour candidate!

Darren Hughes campaign materials up to now are consistent in containing mostly deliberate half-truths, inaccuracies and frank deceptions!

We at Rotherham Politics were very surprised to learn therefore, that Darren Hughes lodged a Police complaint about the nature of statements made in his Independent opponent, Clive Jepson’s, election address!

The complaint took issue with Clive’s assertion that Darren Hughes had been, I quote:

“Working to get a private religious school built on green belt land at Anston.”

We though the reports to be a joke when we first heard them, but they proved to be accurate.

Is Darren Hughes on the same planet to the rest of us? These are his own words on the subject in an email reproduced in this post:

“I’ve been working with the proposed applicant at all stages of their planning over the past year or so.”

The ‘fair comment defence’ is more than necessary to put paid to this ridiculous and spiteful complaint from this odious man! That or the ‘Arkell vs Pressdram’ defence! Scroll down a little way, we should warn you in advance that base language is present.

Dave Smith’s reaction to this weeks Dinnington Guardian Front Page!

The front page of today’s Dinnington Guardian has a heading “A year on from being labelled ‘deprived'” underneath this are various front pages of the same newspaper. 
The headline to this article then reads “Winnington your Dinno’s roaring back in a big way”
The article begins by saying “a year after parts of Dinnington were classed as being some of the most deprived areas in the country, the area is fighting back.” 
This is blatant Labour spin, the areas referred to are still some of the most deprived areas in the country, for theses areas nothing has changed.  The article goes on to say that business leaders say there is optimism amongst residents and local businesses, which planet are these people on? 
It is based on the fact that a new swimming pool has been opened, it is privately owned is not even full sized and is not a public swimming baths; also this air of optimism is created by a new Aldi supermarket opening. 
As a resident of Dinnington I was curious as to where this information had come from.  All became clear as I got further into this wonderful piece of fiction, Dominic Beck, could this be the same Dominic Beck who is a Labour Parish councillor in Anston and a Labour borough councillor for Kiveton; policy and representation advisor for Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce said. “There has been investment in the town which will increase economic activity and reduce unemployment”.  He goes on to talk about how Dinnington was decimated by the closure of the pit but his main piece, and I make no apologies for quoting it in full goes on as follows. 
“Since then in Dinnington, the local authority, community groups, small businesses and indeed multi-national companies in the form of Tesco and, more recently, Aldi have invested in the town and provided a catalyst to increase economic activity, reduce long term unemployment through new and sustainable employment opportunities and raise the aspirations of local people. It is true we have a long way to go, but certainly with the new Aldi store, a new swimming pool reopened and community spirit as strong as it has been for years, there is certainly an air of optimism in the town, amongst both its residents and local businesses.” 
This guy has definitely missed his calling he should be a fiction writer, this is outrageous electioneering by the Labour Party and the Guardian is a party to this, ask yourself this why has this been printed now? 
Beck should, before putting his name to this drivel, do what I have been doing this morning, out there meeting the people of Dinnington both young and old; then let him tell me these people feel optimistic about the future. 
I have also spoken to the small businesses in the town, his sense of optimism he eulogises about is again hard to find; another shop is about to close its doors in the town centre of Dinnington. 
Notice the language that is used, multi-national companies, as if some giant manufacturing company providing real jobs had decided to move into Dinnington?
Swimming baths re-opened this is an attempt to create the myth that the public baths closed down by the council has suddenly re-emerged, it is a privately owned swimming pool mostly used to charge parents who want have their children given private swimming lessons. 
I am now left wondering, when the Labour Party bought the Dinnington Guardian?
Dave Smith
Independent Candidate Dinnington Ward

Click here for more on Dominic Beck and his exploits.

Boston Castle Ward – Omar Mehban’s Manicfesto Out!

Omar Mehban, standing in the Boston Castle Ward for the ‘Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ has released his Manicfesto today!

View/download this priceless artifact of Rotherham’s 2012 Election Season:

Omar Mehban Yellow Manicfesto!

Darren Hughes confirms his duplicity over ‘Cult School’ for Anston!

From: C Jepson
Sent: Mon 28/11/2011 16:50
To: Hughes, Darren
Subject: Planning Application RB 2011/1568 Proposed School and Gospel
Hall Todwick Road/Common Road, North Anston

Dear Councillor Hughes,

As you were not present at the parish council meeting on the 21st
November when the above matter was discussed, perhaps you have now been
made aware that following a vote the council decided to object to the

A recorded vote was taken and your fellow Anston and Woodsetts Borough
Councillors voted in favour of the application with a third Borough
Councillor abstaining.

I would be grateful therefore if you could put on record your own views
on this issue.

Clive Jepson
Anston Parish Councillor

From: “Hughes, Darren” <>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 16:30:33 -0000
Subject: RE: Planning Application RB 2011/1568 Proposed School and
Gospel Hall Todwick Road/Common Road, North Anston
To: C Jepson
Cc: “Dalton, Judy” <>, “Burton, Josephine”

Dear Clive,

Thank you for your email.  I’ve been working with the proposed applicant
at all stages of their planning over the past year or so.  Having had
discussions with RMBC planners, highways agency and taking into
consideration offers made by the applicant with regards to road safety
issues and discussions about their reasons for requesting to build on
greenbelt land and their criteria for this, in addition to other
concerns raised and discussed such as neighbouring properties, I can
confirm that I have no objection to the application.

I trust this information is straightforward and useful.

Kind regards,

Councillor Darren J L Hughes
Chairman Self Regulation Select Commission
Anston & Woodsetts Ward
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

T: 01709 367263  M: 07957 648423  E:

Rotherham Town Hall
The Croft
Moorgate Street
S60 2TH

See also: ‘Cult’ wants to build school on Anston’s greenbelt!

Darren the Defector an appreciation by Truth Seeker


Anston, both North & South is flooded with fly posters for Darren Hughes.  They are on lamp posts and telegraph posts.

The ones on the telegraph posts are nailed on both top and bottom with what I would describe as bolt nails.

I wonder if British Telecom know of this.  He should be prosecuted for vandalism.

This is the action of someone who does not care about his actions.

This is the action of someone who, to suit his own convenience, ditched his constituents who voted him in as a Conservative Councillor and defected to Labour.

This is the action of someone who did not have the courage to stand on his new platform and ask his constituents, by way of an election, if they were pleased to support him wearing his new hat.

This is the action of someone who is prepared to work with a religious sect to build on our precious Green Belt.

This is the action of someone who very very rarely gets back to the constituents he is supposed to represent.

Darren Hughes give 100% – A joke – if he means to his constituents

Darren Hughes gives 100% to partying




Truth Seeker

Vote Clive Jepson for Anston & Woodsetts Ward

Just in, Clive Jepson’s, quite wonderful election address:

To view full size, click on image. After reading, use you browsers back button to return.

More developments on the ‘battle for Anston & Woodsetts’ later.

Rotherham Local Government Election Coverage Starts

Rotherham Politics is getting into gear for coverage of the local elections on May 3rd!

We start with an appeal for information from readers, we are particularly interested in leaflets put out by candidates. If readers have a scanner, they can be attached to an email and sent to rothpol preferably as jpgs. Alternative methods are available by personal application, see about Rotherham Politics.

A new section on Rotherham Politics (Rotherham Elections 2012) has been created to display manifestos and to provide useful information to voters to allow them to make an informed choice when casting their vote. See: Runners and Riders.