Patrick (Bert) Cawkwell Facebook IRA Outrage!

Rotherham Politics is grateful to Don Buxton once again, for spotting this Facebook posting from Patrick John Cawkwell, known to his chums as Bert and to us, as the Conisborough Canary.

Facebook Patrick John Cawkwell (Bert):

If Patrick Cawkwell is a member of the Labour Party, he seems to be doing his darnedest to provoke them into terminating his membership?

42 thoughts on “Patrick (Bert) Cawkwell Facebook IRA Outrage!

  1. I don’t think my support for a left wing Party such as Sinn Fein is anything of interest.

    If I’d known you were that bothered about it I would have told you a long long time ago.

    The IRA, along with Hamas, are fighting illegal occupation of their lands. The British for Ireland and Israel for Palestine. Anyone with an ounce of sincerity, anyone with a desire for peace and justice would support these people in their long term goal of achieving this.

    It’s by no means ideal but the IRA didn’t start this conflict, and nor did Palestine, so it’s not up to them to finish it.

    I’m a little stuck for what else I can type as this is such old news, I’ll let you make guys have a hissy fit over it and then I’ll pop back and correct some of the rumours that will no doubt be flying around – the only other thing to say is this: I am not a member of the IRA or of Hamas, despite strongly supporting what they do. I don’t direct or oversee any “terrorist” operations or have access to, or participate in any activities, assumed or otherwise, with these organisations.

    Signing off for now Comrades, Our Day Will Come…..


  2. Your explanation just serves to alarm and perplex me!
    I quote:
    “The IRA, along with Hamas, are fighting illegal occupation of their lands. The British for Ireland and Israel for Palestine. Anyone with an ounce of sincerity, anyone with a desire for peace and justice would support these people in their long term goal of achieving this.”
    “I am not a member of the IRA or of Hamas, despite strongly supporting what they do.”
    “Signing off for now Comrades, Our Day Will Come…..”

    Conflating the Northern Ireland conflict with that of the Palestinians, shows your complete lack of understanding or knowledge of history and obviously lack a proper perspective to interpret it!

    You claim to be a Sinn Fein supporter yet appear to confuse them with the IRA! Or do you in fact support those who are still fighting in Northern Ireland? And really mean exactly what you said, “would support these people in their long term goal of achieving this,” you also say, strongly supporting what they do! referring to both Hamas and the IRA in the present tense!

    Your Facebook picture, James Connolly I presume?

    When you signed off thus, “Signing off for now Comrades, Our Day Will Come…..”
    did you actually mean, Èireann go Brågh?


  3. You have clearly got yourself confused.

    The IRA a re an army of people wanting to expel illegal occupation forces from Ireland, it’s their country, their land, their decision.

    Sinn Fein are a political party, they are, if you like, affiliated to the IRA’s cause. They carry out political activity to move towards a free Ireland.

    Hamas are an army that are fighting the illegal occupation of Palestine.

    The two situations are similar; they are both occupied when they shouldn’t be and for fighting this occupation you are trying to stir up something that isn’t there. You infer there is something wrong with wanting a free Ireland and a free Palestine. There is nothing wrong about freedom.

    I can’t believe you have a lack of knowledge about this subject, mind you, with it being to the Left I expect you have a warped view of it.


  4. Does this berk Cawkwell have a proper job or am I expected to maintain him as well as a lot of other left wing tossers in this borough? Hells Bells I wonder why I ever went to work. Community Champion my foot – Champion t–t more like


  5. There is a lot more support for Ireland and Palestine then you would think.

    I find it quite sick that people on here are denying the rights of people in Ireland and Palestine the right to self determination.

    If that makes me a tosser then yeah, I am a tosser, I’m a drum banging Red tosser, I’ll die a proud man.

    Jelly fish shouldn’t be so proud of their rotten views and lack of empathy.


  6. Patrick, perhaps you would like to explain your first words of your Facebook posting, I quote: “May they rest in Peace, away from the British bastards that continue to occupy their land.”

    Totally unacceptable utterance from a member of the British Labour Party!


      • Difficult to view your apparently unqualified support for Hamas and the IRA as acceptable, in a member of any mainstream political party such as your party, Labour!

        “I’ll decide what is unacceptable and acceptable for me to say.”
        Not entirely correct I’m afraid, for a Labour member who’s public utterances are bringing the party into disrepute!


      • Dear Patrick,

        You most definitely won’t decide what is acceptable and unacceptable!

        Happily there is a much higher and more learned and better informed authority than you which has significant experience and absolute power in these matters. Your published comment about the “British – expletive deleted -” is very offensive, to me in particular.

        Be very very careful in future what you choose to publish in a public environment. Here’s some instructional guidance which may assist you to avoid facing the rigours of the British law –


      • I will decide what is acceptable and not acceptable for me to write/think/say/do.

        If Rothpol or Donald Buxton want to re-publish a private document then I am afraid that’s really a matter for them.

        The term “British bastards” isn’t aimed at anyone in particular, and as one person has chosen to read that document…who has then passed it on to another person…who has then published it, by choice, isn’t an offence, as it wasn’t aimed at John Smith or Joe Bloggs. You and I both know that it was used as a generic term to describe the years of nasty rotten treatment the people of Ireland have had to endure. Please don’t try and bully me with your nasty little posts. It might work with some folk, but I can assure you, it won’t wash with me.

        I notice you haven’t answered the point I made earlier about actual criminal offences that have been committed with a certain amount of vindictiveness about them, namely harassment.

        The more you flap about like this in a panic shows that I have actually got a point…you find it uncomfortable for me to point out that the British have done many many bad things in Ireland. The soldiers at Bloody Sunday, what were they acting like, if they weren’t acting like “Bastards”…..what about the Black & Tans….were they Sunday School Boys as well?

        If anyone had actually bothered to do their research they would realise that to re-publish something means you have “developed” that offensive image/text.

        I stick by the law at all times…lets see who else can.

        Hmmmm….they know who they are. If that was my family you were targetting I can promise you I’d shove the words BULLY right up your backside!

        Carry on Comrades.


      • Your Facebook posting was at the time, about as public as this blog!
        It is usual when in a hole, to stop digging yourself in deeper.
        Your fatuous utterances in great number, are beginning to try the patience of Rothpol.


  7. We have to do the best thing with the resources we have.

    Do you think its acceptable that white men with a map and a pencil can slice land up and cause all this hassle?

    You’re attacking me for wanting to protect people – typical ring wing nonsense.

    Put it in the Tiser if you like…lets go the whole hog.


  8. Full time job since you were fourteen, how so?

    Right wing nonsense? You don’t know Rothpol, do you?

    Unlike yourself however Patrick, I believe that Justice cannot be won through the barrel of a gun!

    What on Earth has, “We have to do the best thing with the resources we have.” got to do with it?


    • There is absolutely no excuse for violence, indeed, I have campaigned against violence in many areas, the Ireland issue being one of them.

      However, that doesn’t mean to say that I will allow the actions of the RUC, the British army and others to go unchecked. I do note that you slate me for wanting peace in Palestine and Ireland….yet the right wing swines who caused all this get away scot-free from your mud slinging.

      You have attacked an employee of RMBC whose daughter was dying, you attack me for wanting peace in Ireland and Palestine and you cynically bully and harass Cllrs and Officers, sometimes reducing them to tears and then you have the audacity and cheek to moralise to me about why I detest the British terrorism and the Israeli Zionism which is tearing lives apart, every day for the past 30 years or more.

      You have absolutely no grounds to question my desire’s for a Free Ireland or a Free Palestine – if you were really up to date on these issues, then you would have heard me speaking about the situation in Bradford West on the Ummah Channel, Sky channel 828.

      I’d rather face the Big Guy who put me on this Earth knowing I did everything I could to win peace for those downtrodden people in the world then face him as a jelly fish who allowed these acts of terrorism to go unchecked.


      • FULL TIME JOB at 14 How come? The School leaving Age was changed to 15 in 1947 following the Education Act of 1944. It was raised to 16 in 1972 What happened – did you bunk off? Lie about your age like they did to join the forces in 1914? Please do tell us – of such stuff are legends made- even in Conisbrough.

        I would certainly like to see you covered in mud, it woud prove you’ve actually grafted. As for the Ummah Channel on Sky 828 – Why in the name of the God of us all would I put money in that odious Murdoch’s pocket by taking out a subscription?

        By ‘voluntary’ I take it you mean ‘unpaid’ rather than the strict definition of ‘non-statutory’. So have many others, dear boy, on top of a full time job and home and family commitments,

        You see, Patrick,you are all over the internet like rash, turning up in the most peculiar places, which leads me to believe that you have a lot of time on your hands, particularly in view of the times of day you post on various sites.

        You are evidently an intelligent and capable lad, so why go off like a loose cannon firing off in all directions – nobody will ever take you seriously and you become a laughing stock, jumping on every bandwagon that rolls by just to get yourself noticed


      • You attack me for having worked all my life, then you attack me for having time on my hands, then you attack me for something else….what is it that CAS actually wants?

        I work full time and support the rights of others in the face of right wing nonsense….I get attacked for that.

        Tough! People have the right the live in their country in peace.

        There are no subscriptions to Ummah Channel…what a crass assumption backed up with nothing but lies? Oh dear.


  9. The comment the Labour party may Kick pat out dos not surprise me as the labour Party in its current form is un- democratic kicking out many good activists who disagree with its support for cuts its pro greed anti workers attitude to workers and unions, However it is quite unique opposition that opposes very little. I can understand the torys they have always been torys but Labour has betrayed its own class and support your as out of touch with ordinary people as these bunch over over privileged school boys are who are in government.

    If you want those 6 million votes back i have seen nothing from your party to suggest anything other than more of the same that is why you are getting hammered by the SNP in Scotland and that’s why Galloway gave you a hiding in Bradford. You dishonour all who struggled for the welfare state your arrogance is stunning and will be the end of you.

    Pat is entitled to his view and opinion instead of personal insults why not debate the issues? however as your party is bankrupt of any morality you will do anything to avoid an open debate on anything prefering to craw to your masters in the Tory party and right wing press


  10. I can not believe you are attacking Patrick for wanting Freedom . Perhaps if we had more people like him this world would not be in the shape it is in. I am very proud of you Patrick for standing up for what you believe in


    • It appears that if you want freedom, peace, equality then you are a nothing, a nobody.

      It appears if you want to bully, bash, brutalise, rob, steal and plunder you are a somebody.

      How sad that people can be so nasty and cruel.


  11. Community Champion

    Nice to know you support the right to self determination – maybe now you will be hoping Hamas will recognise Israel’s right to exist.


      • Palestine are being forced into an impossible situation….they react and get bombed to bits OR they do react and still get bombed to bits.

        If you think I detest anyone you really are off the mark by a mile.

        It’s similar as to how people on here are attacking me not having a full time job, even when I do….and attacking me for working since I was 14.

        So you want me to be an anti-peace, a full time worker who sits at home all day who doesn’t have a back bone….I’m confused.


  12. Brenda

    Patrick is very selective about who he wants freedom for – just tagging on to the usual left-wing causes. Totally predictable stuff.


  13. The amount of intensive research I’ve been making into specific points has raised some shocking incidents…all of which bring into disrepute the empty bullish threat that Mr Buxton made about reporting me to the police.

    I have been quite shocked when looking into certain things a little deeper just how vicious and wicked people are to achieve a goal which is wholly immoral, unethical and unjust.


  14. Dear Patrick,

    Once more, for your instruction and guidance, I offer you the following counsel …

    YOU most definitely won’t decide what is acceptable and unacceptable!
    It WILL be the British legal courts … PERIOD !!!!!!!!!

    Happily there is a much higher and more learned and better informed authority than you which has significant experience and absolute power in these matters. Your published comment about the “British – expletive deleted -” is very offensive, to ME in particular.

    Be very very careful in future what you choose to publish in a public environment.

    Here’s some instructional guidance which may assist you to avoid facing the rigours of the British law –

    Your very public and deeply offensive public postings on here, and on Facebook, can do nothing but harm to the local and national election prospects of the Labour Party which utterly condemns the extremist political violence which you seem to accept with such eager enthusiastic fervour.

    Calm down son, you live in sunny, peaceful, laid back, sleepy Conisborough, and not some place else to which you have only read and dreamed and fantasised about and never ever been to … unlike others who read this forum who have served there 🙂

    السلام عليكم


  15. I beg you to offer me one comment on this thread which you have considered to be offensive…balanced of course, against the back-drop about why I am saying it. You can’t.

    Something which isn’t acceptable is certainly not something which is illegal – so I refer you to my answer that I gave previously.

    Something which is illegal is illegal for a very good reason. I haven’t posted anything illegal on here so, I therefore, refer you to my answer that I gave previously.

    Your comment about how you served in Ireland only adds more and more fuel to the fire about what I have said is balanced, set against the back drop of why I am saying it. In your time in the Armed Forces if you had never heard the word “Bastard” before then I might suggest it’s you that needs a little bit more exposure to real life.

    I very much doubt you found those comments as deeply offensive as what you claim, you did after all, re-publish them to Mr van Hegan, who then further published them on here…any offence which was caused was minuscule.

    I’m very aware of how Conisbrough is, sleepy or not, I live here so I don’t need you to be offering any opinion on that. I also note how you make a rather odd assumption that because I campaign for peace, in Ireland and Palestine that I somehow would want to live there…NO…the whole point of wanting to bring peace to a place under siege is so the people that do live there, that have the legal, moral and ethical to be there, can live their lives as they should be entitled to – this is set out very clearly in the Human Rights legislation.

    I am not your son, one day you will you realise that we are brothers-in-arms.

    I only wish you could offer السلام عليكم to those in Ireland and those in Palestine – they sure as hell need it more then you or I.

    Carry on gentlemen.


  16. …by the way, I do not encourage violence.

    I encourage peace, and have adopted a new Peace Slogan. I have become more and more close to peace these past six months since I really turned the heat up for a peaceful end to the illegal occupation of Ireland and Palestine.

    I can do very little from Conisbrough to achieve peace for these places – a lot of factors hinder this process. The first one being money…so I do what I can. Human beings have a social responsibility to help those in desperate need and that is something I take very seriously.

    If you chose to shirk this very important role – then someone happens to call those people a very apt name and you get offended I can understand why. You’ve been caught out – not doing what you should be doing…I totally understand the reason why you’re angry. The thing is you should learn to take that on the chin, being an alleged “Socialist” I would assume you would want debate?, surely it would only offend you if there was some truth in it? Surely if you believe in peace for Ireland and Palestine then you would accept that illegal occupation of these lands is something which attracts fierce debate. It’s on that note I come back to my original point – Don’t like? Don’t look! – but if you still look don’t re-publish it – and if you do look and re-publish it don’t ask someone else to re re-publish it. I fail to see your point.


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