Praise indeed – from the Deputy Leader

Spotted this tweet from Jahangir Akhtar, Deputy Leader Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, who found favour with us:

Just spotted this endorsement by Rotherham Politics blog “Labour, on the other hand, have the best panel of candidates for years!” -))))

Twitter is limited to 140 characters so brevity is at a premium, the full quote is somewhat less complimentary and more balanced:

“Labour, on the other hand, have the best panel of candidates for years! There are however still some real turkeys seemingly left over from a bygone era!”

Suggestions in the comments please.

Runners and riders in this years steeplechase.

14 thoughts on “Praise indeed – from the Deputy Leader

  1. Oh dear, oh dear, JA falling headlong into the Blairite ways – deception is so deeply ingrained in their culture, they just don’t even realise they’re doing it.

    JA has the slightest hint of approval from the more erudite of the socially responsible electorate of Rotherham, but pulling fast ones like this will very quickly put him on the same footing as Stone, Smith, et al. Take care JA!!

    As for the new crop, I note that the Labour candidate for Wickersley actually knows where she lives – er, as opposed to those who conveniently omit certain elements of their home addresses on their election documents!!


  2. I hope that whoever is elected to represent the Rotherham Labour Party in the local elections will have a more responsible approach to their civic duties than the current arrogant overpaid out-of-touch elderly corpulent Grunters, Muppets and Clowns who have dined, junketed, received “hospitality” and profited at civic expense for so long that they now describe their civic duty as an “occupation”.

    Maybe, just maybe a new influx of new younger principled Labour blood and thinking will finally put the nail in the coffin for Da Dodger and his dodgy gang of waist-busting Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz in the Fiefdom of Rogerland.

    If not, then the new crop can expect an even higher level of constant scrutiny, challenge and public accountability and publicity to continue as it has done very effectively for some years.

    In short, earn our votes – and then earn our respect by your constant endeavours on our behalf.


    • At least most of the dinosaurs in the pack this time decided to go quietly and should be congratulated for their perspicacity.
      There is one ridiculous old dinosaur who won’t accept that it is time to let someone else take over in Holderness Ward, where Hilda Jack, the very veteran sitting Councillor simply can’t accept that she is well past her sell by date!
      Another dinosaur has made it through selection in Wath Ward, Alan Gosling!
      More about Glynn Whelborn, Hilda Jack and Alan Gosling to come.


  3. Just a note Hilda Jack was one of only 2 Labour councillors that during my short term on the council that voted against the Labour Whip and with their conscience in full council. Hope we can recognise and give her some credit for that.


  4. The labour leaflet for me proves what a set of hypocrites they all are it states, “Labour in Rotherham building a better future.” They go on to use the old mantra that the government is cutting too far too fast, which means the vulnerable suffer the most.

    We have been forced to cut over £60 million from the budget, As a last resort we’ve had to increase some charges and making staffing reductions, but we have done our best to protect services by reducing costs. It is good to see that the new labour spin doctors are still on the go.

    When they blame the condems for making the most vulnerable pay, this is labour speak for we have put council rents up higher than any where else in the country. Staffing reductions again labour speak for sacking workers. Reducing running costs, this means cutting workers wages, there is no mention anywhere in this document where they have said anything about their unearned money.

    It is true that the condems are making attacks on the vulnerable of this country, but what are the labour party doing about it; I could say burying their heads in the sand but it looks more like burying their snouts in the trough!

    What we need is a better than usual turn out at the election and give independents like me, who are not in it for money, a chance.

    I have had it said to me what can one person do, I will tell you I can make public what happens behind closed doors. I will expose them for what they are, they know this and that is why they have been putting out puerile drivel in an attempt to stop me.

    These labour councillors are the same as the capitalist who tells his workers he has to sack them because he is going out of business and drives away in his Rolls Royce back to his big house and carries on living his luxury life style. Its time to get them out!


  5. Oh and I thought it perfectly characterised the complete and utter derision, that I and many others have for the likes of that woman and her ilk. You know, the Rotherham Labourites that have stomped all over the paying residents (note, I don’t use the term ‘customers’) of the Borough for decades and who now find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks – the very same tracks that she was instrumental in laying.

    Sympathy?? – not a chance.

    But heigh-ho, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.


  6. I can only say that I am glad I left Rotherham years ago and that my residence this time is but a short on, but it grieves me to see the run-down miserable borough it has become under endless years of Labour. I have lived in similar sized towns in the UK over the years where things have been much different. Yes Rotherham lost coal and steel and glass-making but there are other parts of the country where similar losses have happened but it seems to me that the misery is worse in Labour run councils, who either lack the will or the wit to really deal with a situation.

    I have long thought the best places to be are in the towns where the political make-up changes over time- Labour in or out, Consevatives in or out, Libdems in or out , a fair proportion of Independents and minor parties – there are the councils that listen to their voters, they have to or they are out next time, That is democracy, not replacing clapped out councillors with dubious independents who still spout the rhetoric of the parties they have left. And that isn’t just Labour – it happens with all political parties. This town is dying slowly and painfully and needs a council with vision and the drive to get things done. I doubt this will ever happen in Rotherham and that it will become just a dormitory for Sheffield as forecast more than 20 years ago.


    • It is hard to disagree with you but the problem is pessimism stifles fight. What we have in Rotherham is a situation where not enough people believe that things can be changed, we should look at the places around the world where to protest can mean death or imprisonment. Here we have the ballot box and if enough people turn out and vote for true independents then we can change what the Labour parasites are doing to our once proud town.


  7. When I’m asked to describe Rotherham, I will generally liken it to a doughnut – quite nice around the edges, but a complete civic void in the middle. This situation being courtesy of Rotherham Council.

    And then I add that unfortunately the situation is slowly changing and it won’t be long before they’ve managed to wreak their destructiveness upon the whole of the borough.


  8. DAve you are so right, I went in to Rotherham town centre yesterday to go to the bank and get a sight test (should have had my hair cut as these seem to be the only things avaialbe in quantity) I spoke to a lady I knew years ago and she said exactly what you have said but as I pointed out to her, only Rotherham people can change it I seriously wish you well in the upcoming elections and I hope I am proved wrong. Democracy is too easy here and it is not appreciated.
    Like the doughnut comparison trambuster


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