13 thoughts on “Parking problem for wanabee SY Police Commissioner?

  1. Fine example this man sets! Police Commissioner, Shaun Wright?

    If he is the best Labour can do in South Yorkshire, then heaven help us!

    Shaun Wright is another avaricious local Labour politico who wants to ride the ‘gravy train’ into the sunlit uplands! All at our expense, no doubt?


  2. It is with great pleasure and a sarcastic wry smile that as a “very very critical friend” of the junketing Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz of Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip that I offer this possible explanation from Can-Do Carl, the Town Clerk’s infamous Gopher and khaki-tongued son-of-a-gun…

    “Since parking has been de-criminalised and is now a matter for RMBC rather than SY Police, and as RMBC as the appropriate traffic authority are empowered to do what they want, when they want, where and how they want, at whatever cost they want and incur multitudes of “errors” and “typing errors” along the way” your reference to a parking problem is considered to be vexatious and therefore non-existent”.


  3. Being Mayor has gone to his head. Should know, watch him being chauffeur driven about, almost every day! Shaun Wright is just another ‘New Labour’ Div! Promoted beyond his competence already!


  4. Typical Shaun Wright- I always wondered where his son, my fellow college student got his self-delusion and arrogance from, here is the answer! I don’t recall Rose McNeely being chauffeured around when she was mayor.
    P.s. no offence to Donald Buxton, who is quite rightly holding the mob that is RMBC to account, but has he got nothing better to do? The blog seems to be full of his council stalking stories…


    • Hello “Anon99” thank you for your response and your questions which I would like to answer.

      (a) Mr Buxton assures me that no offence is taken by him 🙂

      (b) He does many many things across Rotherham, Yorkshire, the UK and internationally.

      (c) Stalking is when the target is unaware of the presence of the hunter, whereas RMBC are fully aware of Mr Buxton’s very public activities as he copies in his MP, the Advertiser and many other active and empowered Rotherham citizens.

      (d) Mr Buxton entirely agrees that it would be helpful if more citizens took up the cause of challenging and scrutinising RMBC in its expensive waist-busting junketing activities as it would help to keep the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns much more in-order as it were.


  5. “Corn fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns”- that is hilarious! Yes, perhaps stalking was too strong a word, I was half joking.
    Actually, a couple of things I would like to raise. Why does that oaf (Wright) get a chauffeur and we (Rotherham citizens) best not be forking the bill for it! Secondly, do you have to be a Labour councillor to become Mayor? Seems to be passed around as if they’ve got a rota or something, absolutely scandalous!
    Finally, and a little off topic, why in God’s name does the local MP always sound like he’s got a cold? His monotonous whining does my head in!


  6. Hi Anon99, thank you for your further posting.

    The Mayor of Rotherham, which title Cllr Shaun Wright currently holds, is granted the civic privilege of being provided with a civic car for civic duties at local taxpayers’ (i.e. me, thee and t’rest) expense. So, it therefore follows that “we do indeed fork the bill”. Fork! 😦

    And you’re bang on the money re: the title being passed around t’Rovrum Laybah Grooip, cos it’s deead bruvvaz-n-sistaz shooiz, cos tharr ‘ad it last year, an it’s marr turn nah, rayt.

    The Corn-Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns have sadly got such a tight political grip on this annual civic junket-fest and bunfight that they’ve never had the generosity of mind or spirit to offer the accolade and honour to a member of any other party than … you’ve guessed it … Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip membaz …

    For me, that’s about the biggest reason why the office of Mayor of Rotherham is so discredited in our once-great little Borough.

    Oh, and that of the little matter of a certain Cllr (guess who) who had the dumb wit to display an A4 piece of paper with “LOSER” written on it while Cllr Peter Thirlwall was single-handedly tackling the muppets on yet another point of order.

    Hmm, great candidate for Police Commissioner, I personally think not. But that’s enough reason for him to get the job with the support of his nasty little runts in Da Rovrum stye.


      • Affirmative. Observed from the public gallery no-less.

        But Da Laybah Grooip had Nelson’s peepers that day. Ask Cllr Mannion what he saw. He was onto his feet like a flash to raise an objection … but oh what a surprise … Da Laybah Grooip Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz n Da Deer Leedah sed thi dint see owt, duh 😦


  7. It seems that its an endemic affliction by Labour Cllrs to “look the other way” when other members of their Party commit blatant acts against the Code of Conduct. This type of “dint see owt” goes right down to Parish Council Level. But the biggest shame is not reserved for the persons committing the act, the shame is for the so called “honest” Cllrs who dont say anything. SHAME ON YOU AND SHAME ON YOUR INTEGRITY.


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