Shaun Wright – Mayor of Rotherham, Parking Outrage – The questions begin


Further to our previous conversations about the unlawful and irresponsible parking of RMBC vehicles on the paved pedestrian area outside the Town Hall and the response from your subordinate employee that vehicles would no longer be parked there when not in use, I am attaching a photo taken this afternoon around 1630 hrs which clearly shows another RMBC vehicle, registation number ET1, to be parking in contravention of the specific statement issued to me by your employee Karly Battersby, and copied for your information below.

I would be grateful if you can supply me with –

(a) details of the specific legal instrument by which this RMBC vehicle is authorised to park on the said paved pedestrian area otherwise than in accordance with local parking regulations.
(b) specific details of today’s journey log for this vehicle, including destinations and times.
(c) who within RMBC has authorised this vehicle to park on the paved pedestrian area.

I look forward to your prompt and complete response to my enquiry.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

The response duly arrived:

On Thu, 19/4/12, Battersby, Karl <> wrote:

From: Battersby, Karl <>
To: Don Buxton
Cc: “Hatton, Lesley” <>, “Kemp, Liz” <>
Date: Thursday, 19 April, 2012, 9:50

Mr Buxton, the Chief Executive has asked me to respond on his behalf. Your previous complaint regarded the vehicle that is used in the main by the leader YM08 DZP, which is no longer parked outside the Town Hall, as confirmed by my last email. There is no contravention of my previous statement.

The vehicle to which you now refer is the mayoral vehicle ET1, which is parked there when required to take the mayor to and from mayoral duties, as it has been for some time. We can of course provide you with the vehicle log, mileage and destination information in due course.


Karl Battersby
Strategic Director
Environment and Development Services
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

A response was duly sent:


Thank you for your partial response.

I did not submit my previous communication as a “complaint”.

Please inform me why it is referred to as such.

Also please respond to my specific points (a) and (c).

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

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