Conduct Unbecoming?

Imagine the scene, full Council meeting chaired by the then Mayor Rose McNeely. Peter Thirlwall struggling manfully to make his point, when the then Deputy Mayor and now Mayor, Shaun Wright, held aloft an A4 piece of paper with the word LOSER written upon it so that everyone could see it!

Immediate objection was made to this outrageously childish behaviour by Shaun Wright, from the opposition Conservatives to their eternal credit! Whereupon the Mayor denied seeing it and no one from the Labour side saw it either apparently? funny that!

No small wonder then that when Rotherham Politics first heard of Shaun Wright putting his hat in the ring for the rather well paid job of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner we couldn’t take it entirely seriously, see: Has April 1st come early?

We can only surmise that his supporters condone the oafishly infantile conduct of this putative PCC for South Yorkshire? Perhaps John Healey, Denis MacShane, Roger Stone or Steve Houghton might like to explain themselves, but we won’t be holding our breath!

Staggeringly Shaun Wright is a Magistrate! One can only imagine what would have happened had he acted in this way during a Court Case?

Readers may well be interested in viewing his campaign website and Twitter feed:!/shaunforsypcc

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An anonymous source would like readers to know that Kath Sims, a sitting RMBC Councillor, is his mother in law! That at least explains the support from the currently in disgrace, Labour Whip suspended and now Independent MP Denis MacShane***. Kath Sims is also Denis MacShane’s Secretary!

Michael Sylvester@Kronos_of_Roth

@rothpolitics the real objection to Cllr Wright as SYPCC must be the poor OFSTED and improvement notice given to children’s services in 2009

Rotherham Politics published this on Wednesday, 9 December 2009

“Ofsted Slams Rotherham in New Report!

Today, December 9th 2009, it has been revealed that Rotherham’s Children’s Services are judged to be poor by Ofsted. This has happened now only because of the information on the new site Oneplace which went live at 00:01! It is important to remember that this was not news to RMBC. The Rotherham Area Assessment can be seen as a pdf file HERE.

The Council have issued a statement on this assessment which means that along with Doncaster and Haringey, Rotherham is among a group of only nine Councils in the whole country whose Children’s Services are in such a sorry state.

At first glance the RMBC Press release inspired confidence that they are on to it, however after more detailed consideration and dissection of the contents, I am left worrying that this is not an occasion for a ‘leave it with me’ approach favoured by Roger Stone that seems to be being offered here.

This is one of the most serious of failures that could happen to a local authority, after all, is a failing where lives are lost. Rotherham must do at least a reasonable job of protecting the most vulnerable in society, our children.

These children cannot lobby politicians or write to newspapers to complain, they are largely invisible and voiceless. We have a duty to them to give them a voice and to pressure failing services until they deliver for them.

This an issue that must be addressed by all of us, we cannot allow this situation to continue for any longer. Lobby your elected representatives, write to the newspapers, support related charities and most important of all do not forget our duty to these children.”

Who was providing the political direction? Why it was the hapless, hopeless and incompetent Shaun Wright!

*** The MacShane Files, for more……

13 thoughts on “Conduct Unbecoming?

  1. You bet – this offensiveness did in fact take place and if my memory serves correctly, that same thug of a mayor, who conveniently missed the loathsome, unprofessional and juvenile behaviour and which she clearly condoned, castigated others for not standing as she and her entourage shuffled into the baiting pit – the usual hypocritical standards prevail.

    And then they wonder why they can’t command any respect.


    • These handbag issues are neither here nor there, the big objection to Cllr Wright running as SYPCC must be the way in 2009 under his tenure as Children’s Board chair Rotherham received an improvement notice following criticism by OFSTED of the Council’s childrens services

      Cllr Wright also has a reputation for being a micromanager not letting officers get on with doing
      their job.

      This is the real reason Cllr Wright shouldn’t be allowed to run our police service


      • As far as I’m concerned, ALL the stories, reports and points of view given by people on here are ALL equally valid …

        There’s no “handbags” either “here or there” in here Mr Sylvester …

        “Shaun The Sheep” may hide behind the actions of his very incompetent RMBC officers for the OFSTED debacle, but he can blame only himself for his civic buffoonery made in public in the Council Chamber when he displayed the A4 paper already referred to …

        Surely the South Yorkshire public don’t need a man with such a limited sense of decorum and appropriateness to be in charge of South Yorkshire Police …

        Perish the thought that such a vacuous individual would achieve such a position of power and influence over us all … but I can imagine the hoots of delight though among Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip and the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns if he did get the job …

        Oh Lord above come down from above and save us all from this undeserved fate …


  2. Last year, three “so called” investigations into RMBC Cllrs over Election wrong doing, by South Yorkshire Police. Dispite the clear evidence, not one conviction. If a Labour candidate is elected police commissioner, RMBC Labour Cllrs will think all their birthdays have come at once and there will be no stopping them. But there again, its impossiable to secure a conviction for Election offences now, so hey no change there then.


    • Thanks for your interesting comment! Do not despair, that’s where Rotherham Politics comes in, we must end the culture of impunity!
      Together Rotherham Politics, it’s readers and contributors, can bring about a sea change in attitudes and force everyone who ‘does it in the name of the people’ to do it right in future!


  3. Yeah, and the really good quote from our intrepid police officers, in relation to Cllr Read not declaring his proper address on his nomination papers was “… no offence appears to have been committed by Mr Read …”


    And that convenient vagueness will only increase multifold when the Laybah Lot grasp even more power.


  4. The 2009 OFSTED and subsequent improvement notice are more of a bar to Cllr Wright standing as SYPCC. I’ve had council officers contact me before stating he has a habit of micro managing officers to such an extent they can’t get on with performing their roles. If he is successful in getting the nomination Cllr Wright must prove after the 2009 failings that his abilities have caught up with his ambition


    • Informed comment over the weekend from a bunch of anonymous Town Hall Towers insiders is that they’ll publically profess support for “Shaun The Sheep” in the hope that he moves on to becoming someone else’s liability and problem rather Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip’s Bruvvaz n Sistaz basket of grief …

      The Machiavellian machinations of Da Rovrum Sewshalists is beyond belief … in their psychotic nepotistic world black is white, truth is fiction, right is left … and honour, principles and scruples are non-existent.


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