Mrs Overall’s – Acorn Antiques – April 16th 2012

Further jottings from a “Quality Parish Council”

Spring has sprung, the bells have rung – Come to this production both old and young
A child friendly production Suitable for all – Even considered suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

All sweetness and light – SO:  Who was missing?

Poison Ivy, also known to us as Joyce Brindley
Robin Stonebridge of the “You are a waste of life” comment YAAWOL
Helen Wardle – The Hair flicker and nail picker
John Thomas Ireland – The Hapless and Hopeless Chairman
Liz O’Brian
ISJ entered the arena 7.35pm, 5 minutes late (completely missed the Finance Meeting which commenced at 7pm),  It’s called making an entrance.

Guest Speaker- Ms Lucy Cheetham – Invited to talk on proposed litter picks in Anston.
She explained the role of the charity, Groundwork.  This charity does “clean ups” in various local areas.
Why has Judy Dalton invited a charity to undertake litter picks, when through the rates, householders pay RMBC to do this job?  The disgraceful state of litter in Anston was commented on by a member of the public.

Q  During the Parish Council session – Was Ian St.John conducting his own meeting with a parishioner
A   Yes
Q   Why
A   Showing off?
Q   Did the Chair, Judy Dalton admonish him
A   Don’t be silly

Q  Did the people from the sect, The Brethren, canvass the council to take out trees on Todwick Road
A    Yes
Q   Why
A   Because the cross roads have to be improved before they re-submit their planning application for their private school and Brethren Church?
Q   Why did the council start discussing this matter when the Brethren had confirmed they would be re-submitting their application later in the year.
A   No forward thinking – Surely this should be discussed once the planning application comes before the council

Obviously The Brethren are quite comfortable in not only building on green belt land but destroying wild life habitats.  Don’t care about God’s creatures nor Anston, Just want want want

From( Brief Notes from the Public Session 19 March 2012)
Q When will the Anston village green be litter picked?
A Litter picking of the Anston village green is a scheduled item and is carried out.
A member of the public said there was a word missing from the answer that word is NOW

Q   Did Judy Dalton say RMBC were short staffed to empty dog bins
A   Yes –
Q   So – Where does that leave  people –
A   An  increase in those not bothering to pick up!
Q   So what about “Pick up or Pay up”
A    What – No staff
Sh*t on the grass, sh*t on your shoes and bullsh*t from RMBC Councillors

Q   Was the council asked to vote on something they had not seen – AGAIN
A   Yes
Q   Did anyone speak against this procedure
A    Cllrs. Thornton & Crowther
Q   Did the Chair, Judy Dalton consider it acceptable for councillors to vote on something they have not had sight of.
A   Yep – It appears so – she put it to the vote
Q   Why were all the councillors, who voted for, prepared to vote blindly
A   Well it is the blind leading the blind – ONCE MORE
Q   What is the difference between a mushroom and an Anston Parish Councillor
A   Nothing – Both are kept in the dark and fed sh*t

Perhaps next time we should turn out all the lights for the whole meeting!

Never has there been such a pleasant meeting – All conducted in a courteous manner.  Was this due to those who were absent? Maybe Rotherham Politics could take some of the credit!
Excellent jokes from Cllr Gordon Jarvis, much appreciated by the public.  In fact to quote an ex councillor “It was a good night out”

An adjournment into secret session then took place – What happened there is not reportable.
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – it’s a secret.

However little birds say that as soon as the public left Cllr Iain St.John, who had been rather quiet throughout the meeting,  reverted to type.  Yet again attempting to evict a fellow councillor.  At the end of the secret session a certain councillor spoke to the Chair regarding her biased chairmanship Well  let us wait and see – Lights out.

Goodnight All
Mrs Overall

3 thoughts on “Mrs Overall’s – Acorn Antiques – April 16th 2012

  1. The credit goes entirely to the local Anston citizens who are no longer prepared to put up with the Labour stranglehold on Anston Parish Council!

    Many other Town and Parish Councils suffer similar problems, time to stand up for what is right!

    Rotherham Politics is just one way to get the news out, the local Newspapers are another. Don’t suffer in silence, get your problems into the public domain. It can and will work eventually, once the local politicians understand that transparency has a disinfectant effect! End the culture of impunity, get to it!


    • During the weekend of 21st April the area of North and South Anston has been fly postered by Darren Hughes His name appears along A57 on lamp post and on bt poles throughout the area These posters are 20ft up the said poles Its a shame he didn`t stay up there to Surely its illegal and an eyesore and he should be prosecuted for littering the area


  2. If you remember a couple of meetings ago, that lady of wit and comedy councillor Dalton, had plagiarised one of the Dinnington ugly sisters act. She had said that the council would organise a litter pick around the area, now she wants to bring another instead of doing it herself. The Dinnington councillors have done theirs, along with members of the public. Maybe councillor Dalton should stick to writing her own script if she can’t follow the one she usurped.


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