Shaun Wright for Police and Crime Commissioner? You must be joking!

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Michael Sylvester has provided important insights into the ambitious beyond ability, Rotherham Councillor and Rotherham’s Mayor, Shaun Wright.

I quote:

“the big objection to Cllr Wright running as SYPCC must be the way in 2009 under his tenure as Children’s Board chair Rotherham received an improvement notice following criticism by OFSTED of the Council’s childrens services.

Cllr Wright also has a reputation for being a micromanager not letting officers get on with doing their job.

This is the real reason Cllr Wright shouldn’t be allowed to run our police service.”


“The 2009 OFSTED and subsequent improvement notice are more of a bar to Cllr Wright standing as SYPCC. I’ve had council officers contact me before stating he has a habit of micro managing officers to such an extent they can’t get on with performing their roles. If he is successful in getting the nomination Cllr Wright must prove after the 2009 failings that his abilities have caught up with his ambition.”

So there you have it, Shaun Wright is indeed, hapless, hopeless and incompetent!

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Thanks are due to Michael Sylvester, for making sure that this tale of abject failure was not forgotten.

9 thoughts on “Shaun Wright for Police and Crime Commissioner? You must be joking!

  1. I am bemused at how much interest some of the contributors on Rothpol pay to the internal selection procedures of a political party. If people are that interested then they should join the party and vote for a candidate of they’re choice. Now I don’t know Shaun Wright but if he is selected by his party I will look at his pedigree and ability to carry out the duties of the PCC and vote accordingly but until then quite frankly it’s none of my damn business.


    • Come now Adam, it is of interest to all of South Yorkshire’s citizens which donkey gets to wear the red rosette? Nothing strange or surprising there!

      I take it then that you think Shaun the Sheep’s lamentable performance, the only time he had any real responsibility, making a complete mess of his department, that ended up being put in special measures as outlined above by Michael Sylvester is not relevant to this selection contest?

      I totally reject your view that until Labour chooses their rosette bearer, it is none of the public’s business!

      Do you hail from a different planet?


      • I think you missed the point. I am not a member of the Labour thus it’s not my business as to how or who the the party chooses as they’re candidate. Having said that once a candidate is chosen then of course we should all look at past records etc of all the candidates in the field and vote for the person we think is best suited to carry out the role.

        Furthermore your disparaging remark ” rosette wearing donkeys” is unseemly for what is a very useful and informative blog.


  2. Adam
    No one, least of all, me, has even as much as suggested, that you might be a Labour Party member! That is entirely a matter for yourself as Labour Party membership is not yet compulsory!

    As for putting words into my mouth with a different construction, such as your pretend quote “rosette wearing donkeys” when what I did, was pose the question,”which donkey gets to wear the red rosette?” You seem to have been to the same school as Karl Battersby?

    Interesting that there was no objection to a remark that some might think was disparaging when I mentioned Shaun, don’t you rate him either?


    • Now now Mr Rothpoll let’s put the claws away and you know very well what you meant by the rosette reference.

      As far as Shaun Wright is concerned, I don’t know the man apart from seeing him quite frequently in the Advertiser in his role as Mayor. A job he seems to have done quite well.

      Quite frankly I don’t want to know anything else about him unless he gets the labour party nomination and only then it becomes my business as an elector where his previous record should be held up to public scrutiny. Till then it ain’t owt do with me matey.

      I must say I do enjoy our little chats -))


  3. @Rothpol- I note your tongue in cheek comment re Cllr Wright and yes I think it is now appropriate because we will all have a vote now that he is the Labour Party candidate but I would still urge caution in the interest of fairness as no other candidate as declared they’re candidacy. After all you would want to compare Cllr Wright’s manifesto with his opponent’s. Otherwise it will be just seen as a bit of a rant against the labour party. As always just my humble thoughts.


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