Vote Clive Jepson for Anston & Woodsetts Ward

Just in, Clive Jepson’s, quite wonderful election address:

To view full size, click on image. After reading, use you browsers back button to return.

More developments on the ‘battle for Anston & Woodsetts’ later.

5 thoughts on “Vote Clive Jepson for Anston & Woodsetts Ward

  1. Come on guys, I thought you weren’t supposed to be supporting any particular political party or individual but here you are quite blatantly promoting Clive. To show your independence you should re produce Darren’s leaflet as well. Ps; not wanting to have an argument but just thought I would raise the point.


    • Jaan, thanks for your comment. As a matter of fact I have already posted them together for comparison on Election Manifestos without comments in this section. Hope that clears that up! I would encourage all Candidates to submit their election addresses to Rotherham Politics for publication, I am sure it would be welcomed by Rotherham Politics readers and Rotherham Voters.


  2. It wouldn’t make any difference if you printed Darren Hughes leaflet or Simon Tweeds they are the same. Labour candidates are like pop stars on tour, the act is the same only the name of the venue is different. All the same information in the same order is on the back of the pamphlet the only thing that is different is the name on the front. Which proves my point party politics rule not the voters wishes. What should happen to shake them up is that Clive, as an independent for Anston and my self as an independent for Dinnington get voted in.


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