Boston Castle Ward – Omar Mehban’s Manicfesto Out!

Omar Mehban, standing in the Boston Castle Ward for the ‘Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ has released his Manicfesto today!

View/download this priceless artifact of Rotherham’s 2012 Election Season:

Omar Mehban Yellow Manicfesto!

6 thoughts on “Boston Castle Ward – Omar Mehban’s Manicfesto Out!

  1. Now, whilst I can empathise with many of Omar’s manifesto points and they are indeed every bit as sensible as those of the ruling Laybah Lot, I really feel that he should show some sort of consistency. He writes “We think that the spelling of school should be changed to its phonetic spelling ‘skool’ ”

    Er, shouldn’t that be fonetik ??????

    But good luck otherwise chum!


  2. I was around when screaming Lord Sutch first got political and formed the OMRLP. It has been an ambition of mine to one day cast my vote for the OMRLP! Pity I don’t live in Boston Castle Ward.
    There’s always 2014? I live in hope!
    Best wishes Omar, from all at Rotherham Politics.

    Message for Mahroof Hussain, stop mucking about and send us your election address. Or are you about to show the voters of Boston Castle who the real ‘Loony’ is?


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