Dave Smith’s reaction to this weeks Dinnington Guardian Front Page!

The front page of today’s Dinnington Guardian has a heading “A year on from being labelled ‘deprived'” underneath this are various front pages of the same newspaper. 
The headline to this article then reads “Winnington your Dinno’s roaring back in a big way”
The article begins by saying “a year after parts of Dinnington were classed as being some of the most deprived areas in the country, the area is fighting back.” 
This is blatant Labour spin, the areas referred to are still some of the most deprived areas in the country, for theses areas nothing has changed.  The article goes on to say that business leaders say there is optimism amongst residents and local businesses, which planet are these people on? 
It is based on the fact that a new swimming pool has been opened, it is privately owned is not even full sized and is not a public swimming baths; also this air of optimism is created by a new Aldi supermarket opening. 
As a resident of Dinnington I was curious as to where this information had come from.  All became clear as I got further into this wonderful piece of fiction, Dominic Beck, could this be the same Dominic Beck who is a Labour Parish councillor in Anston and a Labour borough councillor for Kiveton; policy and representation advisor for Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce said. “There has been investment in the town which will increase economic activity and reduce unemployment”.  He goes on to talk about how Dinnington was decimated by the closure of the pit but his main piece, and I make no apologies for quoting it in full goes on as follows. 
“Since then in Dinnington, the local authority, community groups, small businesses and indeed multi-national companies in the form of Tesco and, more recently, Aldi have invested in the town and provided a catalyst to increase economic activity, reduce long term unemployment through new and sustainable employment opportunities and raise the aspirations of local people. It is true we have a long way to go, but certainly with the new Aldi store, a new swimming pool reopened and community spirit as strong as it has been for years, there is certainly an air of optimism in the town, amongst both its residents and local businesses.” 
This guy has definitely missed his calling he should be a fiction writer, this is outrageous electioneering by the Labour Party and the Guardian is a party to this, ask yourself this why has this been printed now? 
Beck should, before putting his name to this drivel, do what I have been doing this morning, out there meeting the people of Dinnington both young and old; then let him tell me these people feel optimistic about the future. 
I have also spoken to the small businesses in the town, his sense of optimism he eulogises about is again hard to find; another shop is about to close its doors in the town centre of Dinnington. 
Notice the language that is used, multi-national companies, as if some giant manufacturing company providing real jobs had decided to move into Dinnington?
Swimming baths re-opened this is an attempt to create the myth that the public baths closed down by the council has suddenly re-emerged, it is a privately owned swimming pool mostly used to charge parents who want have their children given private swimming lessons. 
I am now left wondering, when the Labour Party bought the Dinnington Guardian?
Dave Smith
Independent Candidate Dinnington Ward

Click here for more on Dominic Beck and his exploits.

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