On the stump! Campaign Round-Up

Some reflections and snippets on this years local election campaigns and candidates:

“Best of luck to Emma Hoddinott in her quest to become our new young Labour Councillor for Wickersley and Bramley. She has my vote assured.
It will be great if the electors support her and we get a new young face with new thinking, fresh ideas, along with some high principles and scruples into Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip to challenge the waist-busting junketing and greedy accepting of gifts and hospitality that has created the odious political patronage machine of Da Dodger and his scummy gang of Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns.” Grald-Hunter.

“Promoted by Iain StJohn on behalf of Darren Hughes both of 27 Blue Mans Way, Rotherham. S60 5UR. Printed by Hughes & Hughes Developments Ltd, Orchard Centre, West Bar Green, Sheffield, S1 2DA.”

“Hello, I would like to repeat my earlier post to you. I am so glad you received my leaflet OK and thanks for sharing. Please hold me to my pledges to the community I love (if I am re-elected).” Ken Wyatt.

“No leaflets from the Tories this year? completely rubbish candidates too!” Rothpol.

Jahangir Akhtar@Jahangirakhtar

“The Rotherham West labour team were out this pm getting the postal vote out. Great support 4 Kath on the doorstep”

“In our own area Cllr Darren Hughes (Anston and Woodsetts, who was once a Conservative and is now standing under the Labour banner), has distributed letters around our village without his full address.

While Cllr Hughes states he lives in Rotherham he forgets to put Catcliffe on his literature.” Stuart Thornton.

Chris Read@christophe_read 

“When campaigning in this weather, politicos think, “This shows my commitment”. What’s it look like to everyone else? Well. Yes.”

The war of words continues: Vote Dave Smith – Independent Candidate Dinnington Ward

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2 thoughts on “On the stump! Campaign Round-Up

  1. Who is paying for the removal of Darren Hughes`s campaign posters which sprung up all over Anston last week and were removed by Street Pride You`ve guessed it more than likely the residents of Anston. Why not Darren Hughes?


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