Seen elsewhere – News of Denis?

Guido Fawkes has a column on the Sunday Star, he brings us entertaining news about the Rotherham Member of Parliament, Denis MacShane:

“JOURNALIST Joan Smith wrote last week “the female G-spot is a myth” and fellas should stop looking… but that’s news to her ex-partner, Rotherham MP Denis MacShane. Westminster whispers say he’s as keen as ever to carry out bedroom research – and has been trying to enlist the help of Lib Dem Vicky Pryce. Maybe as pillow talk they could discuss the police investigations they’ve both been under – him into alleged expenses fiddling and her into allegedly perverting the course of justice over her ex-husband former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne’s speeding ticket.”

The MacShane Files

2 thoughts on “Seen elsewhere – News of Denis?

  1. If she’s doubtful about where the G-spot is, there’s little wonder she has no idea as to the manoeuvrings of the Pi-spot.


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