Darren the Defector an appreciation by Truth Seeker


Anston, both North & South is flooded with fly posters for Darren Hughes.  They are on lamp posts and telegraph posts.

The ones on the telegraph posts are nailed on both top and bottom with what I would describe as bolt nails.

I wonder if British Telecom know of this.  He should be prosecuted for vandalism.

This is the action of someone who does not care about his actions.

This is the action of someone who, to suit his own convenience, ditched his constituents who voted him in as a Conservative Councillor and defected to Labour.

This is the action of someone who did not have the courage to stand on his new platform and ask his constituents, by way of an election, if they were pleased to support him wearing his new hat.

This is the action of someone who is prepared to work with a religious sect to build on our precious Green Belt.

This is the action of someone who very very rarely gets back to the constituents he is supposed to represent.

Darren Hughes give 100% – A joke – if he means to his constituents

Darren Hughes gives 100% to partying




Truth Seeker

Vote Clive Jepson for Anston & Woodsetts Ward

Just in, Clive Jepson’s, quite wonderful election address:

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More developments on the ‘battle for Anston & Woodsetts’ later.

Rotherham Local Government Election Coverage Starts

Rotherham Politics is getting into gear for coverage of the local elections on May 3rd!

We start with an appeal for information from readers, we are particularly interested in leaflets put out by candidates. If readers have a scanner, they can be attached to an email and sent to rothpol preferably as jpgs. Alternative methods are available by personal application, see about Rotherham Politics.

A new section on Rotherham Politics (Rotherham Elections 2012) has been created to display manifestos and to provide useful information to voters to allow them to make an informed choice when casting their vote. See: Runners and Riders.

Shaun Wright for Police and Crime Commissioner? You must be joking!

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Michael Sylvester has provided important insights into the ambitious beyond ability, Rotherham Councillor and Rotherham’s Mayor, Shaun Wright.

I quote:

“the big objection to Cllr Wright running as SYPCC must be the way in 2009 under his tenure as Children’s Board chair Rotherham received an improvement notice following criticism by OFSTED of the Council’s childrens services.

Cllr Wright also has a reputation for being a micromanager not letting officers get on with doing their job.

This is the real reason Cllr Wright shouldn’t be allowed to run our police service.”


“The 2009 OFSTED and subsequent improvement notice are more of a bar to Cllr Wright standing as SYPCC. I’ve had council officers contact me before stating he has a habit of micro managing officers to such an extent they can’t get on with performing their roles. If he is successful in getting the nomination Cllr Wright must prove after the 2009 failings that his abilities have caught up with his ambition.”

So there you have it, Shaun Wright is indeed, hapless, hopeless and incompetent!

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Conduct Unbecoming?

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Thanks are due to Michael Sylvester, for making sure that this tale of abject failure was not forgotten.

Mrs Overall’s – Acorn Antiques – April 16th 2012

Further jottings from a “Quality Parish Council”

Spring has sprung, the bells have rung – Come to this production both old and young
A child friendly production Suitable for all – Even considered suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

All sweetness and light – SO:  Who was missing?

Poison Ivy, also known to us as Joyce Brindley
Robin Stonebridge of the “You are a waste of life” comment YAAWOL
Helen Wardle – The Hair flicker and nail picker
John Thomas Ireland – The Hapless and Hopeless Chairman
Liz O’Brian
ISJ entered the arena 7.35pm, 5 minutes late (completely missed the Finance Meeting which commenced at 7pm),  It’s called making an entrance.

Guest Speaker- Ms Lucy Cheetham – Invited to talk on proposed litter picks in Anston.
She explained the role of the charity, Groundwork.  This charity does “clean ups” in various local areas.
Why has Judy Dalton invited a charity to undertake litter picks, when through the rates, householders pay RMBC to do this job?  The disgraceful state of litter in Anston was commented on by a member of the public.

Q  During the Parish Council session – Was Ian St.John conducting his own meeting with a parishioner
A   Yes
Q   Why
A   Showing off?
Q   Did the Chair, Judy Dalton admonish him
A   Don’t be silly

Q  Did the people from the sect, The Brethren, canvass the council to take out trees on Todwick Road
A    Yes
Q   Why
A   Because the cross roads have to be improved before they re-submit their planning application for their private school and Brethren Church?
Q   Why did the council start discussing this matter when the Brethren had confirmed they would be re-submitting their application later in the year.
A   No forward thinking – Surely this should be discussed once the planning application comes before the council

Obviously The Brethren are quite comfortable in not only building on green belt land but destroying wild life habitats.  Don’t care about God’s creatures nor Anston, Just want want want

From( Brief Notes from the Public Session 19 March 2012)
Q When will the Anston village green be litter picked?
A Litter picking of the Anston village green is a scheduled item and is carried out.
A member of the public said there was a word missing from the answer that word is NOW

Q   Did Judy Dalton say RMBC were short staffed to empty dog bins
A   Yes –
Q   So – Where does that leave  people –
A   An  increase in those not bothering to pick up!
Q   So what about “Pick up or Pay up”
A    What – No staff
Sh*t on the grass, sh*t on your shoes and bullsh*t from RMBC Councillors

Q   Was the council asked to vote on something they had not seen – AGAIN
A   Yes
Q   Did anyone speak against this procedure
A    Cllrs. Thornton & Crowther
Q   Did the Chair, Judy Dalton consider it acceptable for councillors to vote on something they have not had sight of.
A   Yep – It appears so – she put it to the vote
Q   Why were all the councillors, who voted for, prepared to vote blindly
A   Well it is the blind leading the blind – ONCE MORE
Q   What is the difference between a mushroom and an Anston Parish Councillor
A   Nothing – Both are kept in the dark and fed sh*t

Perhaps next time we should turn out all the lights for the whole meeting!

Never has there been such a pleasant meeting – All conducted in a courteous manner.  Was this due to those who were absent? Maybe Rotherham Politics could take some of the credit!
Excellent jokes from Cllr Gordon Jarvis, much appreciated by the public.  In fact to quote an ex councillor “It was a good night out”

An adjournment into secret session then took place – What happened there is not reportable.
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – it’s a secret.

However little birds say that as soon as the public left Cllr Iain St.John, who had been rather quiet throughout the meeting,  reverted to type.  Yet again attempting to evict a fellow councillor.  At the end of the secret session a certain councillor spoke to the Chair regarding her biased chairmanship Well  let us wait and see – Lights out.

Goodnight All
Mrs Overall

Conduct Unbecoming?

Imagine the scene, full Council meeting chaired by the then Mayor Rose McNeely. Peter Thirlwall struggling manfully to make his point, when the then Deputy Mayor and now Mayor, Shaun Wright, held aloft an A4 piece of paper with the word LOSER written upon it so that everyone could see it!

Immediate objection was made to this outrageously childish behaviour by Shaun Wright, from the opposition Conservatives to their eternal credit! Whereupon the Mayor denied seeing it and no one from the Labour side saw it either apparently? funny that!

No small wonder then that when Rotherham Politics first heard of Shaun Wright putting his hat in the ring for the rather well paid job of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner we couldn’t take it entirely seriously, see: Has April 1st come early?

We can only surmise that his supporters condone the oafishly infantile conduct of this putative PCC for South Yorkshire? Perhaps John Healey, Denis MacShane, Roger Stone or Steve Houghton might like to explain themselves, but we won’t be holding our breath!

Staggeringly Shaun Wright is a Magistrate! One can only imagine what would have happened had he acted in this way during a Court Case?

Readers may well be interested in viewing his campaign website and Twitter feed:



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An anonymous source would like readers to know that Kath Sims, a sitting RMBC Councillor, is his mother in law! That at least explains the support from the currently in disgrace, Labour Whip suspended and now Independent MP Denis MacShane***. Kath Sims is also Denis MacShane’s Secretary!

Michael Sylvester@Kronos_of_Roth

@rothpolitics the real objection to Cllr Wright as SYPCC must be the poor OFSTED and improvement notice given to children’s services in 2009

Rotherham Politics published this on Wednesday, 9 December 2009

“Ofsted Slams Rotherham in New Report!

Today, December 9th 2009, it has been revealed that Rotherham’s Children’s Services are judged to be poor by Ofsted. This has happened now only because of the information on the new site Oneplace which went live at 00:01! It is important to remember that this was not news to RMBC. The Rotherham Area Assessment can be seen as a pdf file HERE.

The Council have issued a statement on this assessment which means that along with Doncaster and Haringey, Rotherham is among a group of only nine Councils in the whole country whose Children’s Services are in such a sorry state.

At first glance the RMBC Press release inspired confidence that they are on to it, however after more detailed consideration and dissection of the contents, I am left worrying that this is not an occasion for a ‘leave it with me’ approach favoured by Roger Stone that seems to be being offered here.

This is one of the most serious of failures that could happen to a local authority, after all, is a failing where lives are lost. Rotherham must do at least a reasonable job of protecting the most vulnerable in society, our children.

These children cannot lobby politicians or write to newspapers to complain, they are largely invisible and voiceless. We have a duty to them to give them a voice and to pressure failing services until they deliver for them.

This an issue that must be addressed by all of us, we cannot allow this situation to continue for any longer. Lobby your elected representatives, write to the newspapers, support related charities and most important of all do not forget our duty to these children.”

Who was providing the political direction? Why it was the hapless, hopeless and incompetent Shaun Wright!

*** The MacShane Files, for more……

Politics is fun too – Omar Mehban shows the way in Boston Castle Ward!

Omar’s election material can now be brought to readers attention:

At least Omar understands that he is a joker in the pack, pity Mahroof Hussain hasn’t realised the same thing.

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