Hilda goes for it in Holderness

Hilda Jack the dumped, Ex Labour Councillor for Holderness Ward is fighting back against the Labour election machine.

She has issued the election literature shown below:

We are wondering if her now Ex-Labour mates will have the heart to report her for the evident elections offence? We will, no doubt, find out in the fullness of time.

If Gerald Smith or his mates do report her, it would amount to the worst kind of hypocrisy, given the outrageous and illegal antics last year and Gerald Smiths formal police caution (Conviction) for his own errors!

A huge thank you is due to our source, Thanks again, Rothpol.

Who else is standing? The Runners and Riders.

3 thoughts on “Hilda goes for it in Holderness

    • While Rothpol wishes all candidates well for election day tomorrow, have to say you are wrong there about Hilda Jack.

      Hilda Jack is not ‘Old’ Labour nor True Labour but a good old fashioned ‘Greedy Piggy Labour’ that wants to keep her ‘snout in the trough’ for four more years!

      Her Local Labour Party de-selected her because she was no longer an effective councillor, not because she disagreed politically with fellow members!

      They might come to the same conclusion about Hilda Jack’s former partner in crime, Gerald Smith for 2014?


  1. Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, hee hee hee 🙂

    It’s great 2c Da Sewshalist Olldurness Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz grubbing at the electoral trough, and grunting, squealing, a kicking and a biting, to become Boss Hog … and all supposedly for the benefit of the taxpayers and voters of Olldurness …

    Hmm, what a nest of vipers have been uncovered here … they’d eat their own young given half a chance …

    Utter contempt for them all … including Boss Bigot Grald, the Master of Bramley’s Misfortune 😦


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