Rocking Horse droppings at Greenlands TARA AGM – tonight!

Greenlands TARA AGM – tonight! Breathless report just in!

Darren Hughes turned up! Now there’s a surprise – he has never been at all in the last four years! Judy Dalton was invited – but “could not come”

Darren spoke with all authority – as if he was doing marvellous things. The audience were absolutely amazed at his audacity, knowing what he is like for never finishing anything or getting back to people.

Darren Hughes spoke on the following subjects:

LDF – The number is now down from 1K and some  to 501.
The new development will be parallel with Woodland Grove – our informant has never heard, of Woodland Grove – probably another lack of attention by Hughes.

Darren went on at length on the subject of the public consultation. Surprise, surprise! Another consultation in August!

Brethren School & Gospel Hall
Hughes has done extensive surveys in Laughton Common and everyone he has spoken to is FOR this. (depends how the question is framed!)
There was only 1 person against!  He said?

He has been in consultation with RMBC and said it did not go through because it was not written up strongly enough. Darren emphasised it is a Gospel Hall and If they word the reapplication to the effect that the Gospel Hall is not on Green Belt, it would go through.
RMBC know if it goes to appeal it will cost a lot of money.
Outrageously Darren Hughes & RMBC appear to be telling the Brethren how to word this application so it will be successful. He confirmed they will be putting in another application.

The fumes/pollution is causing concern from premises on the Monksbridge Trading Estate.
Darren Hughes set up a meeting with both the Paper Factory and Trade B, but never turned up – He has never been to any of the subsequent meetings either.
It is Clive Jepson along with Sandra Wallhead and others who attend.

Darren Hughes is making out that he does a great deal for the community – despite never getting back to them!

Funny that! Anyone might suspect that he wants the mugs from Anston & Woodsetts Ward to re-elect him?

Naked politicking or what? Nothing for four years, then he waltzes in on his white charger telling everyone how wonderful he is, Not!

Fly on the wall

8 thoughts on “Rocking Horse droppings at Greenlands TARA AGM – tonight!

  1. Darren the ‘Tory in drag’, insults the intelligence of his constituents.
    Helping the Brethren to destroy a part of his constituency! Quite outrageous!
    Vote for Clive Jepson, I did!


  2. Many thanks to ‘Fly on the wall’ for this posting!

    Is there no end to Darren’s cynical ploys? It would appear not!

    No wonder ‘he is the most despised man in the village’!


  3. Here is a good question, why is Darren Hughes, RMBC Cllr for Anston and Woodsetts, canvassing the opinion of people of Laughton Common about a planning application in North Anston. Laughton Common is nowhere near the site. Maybe he should spend more time canvassing the people of his own Ward instead of gathering support for an application people in Anston dont want.
    I am not surprised he attended the Greenlands TARA AGM, its not that long ago he and Cllr Dalton were pictured “planting Trees” with the TARA, trees that were paid for by the RMBC Cllrs fund, our Tax money. It was interesting to note that in the pictures there were no TARA Members present, blatant Electioneering or what ?. When will the Members of these TARAs in Anston wake up and realise they do not attend these meetings out of the goodness of their hearts. There is always a price to pay, Greenlands you were well and truely “stitched up”.


    • What does WTF mean?

      Wholesale Tax Fraud?
      Withholding Those Funds?
      Whopping Trough Feed?
      Weeny Teeny Feed?
      Why The Face?
      Work Time Fun?

      oh hang on, I think I may have cracked it … What The FCUK … it’s a fashion term 🙂


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