‘Trolls’ owe apologies!

Examination of issues surrounding complaints re Dave Smith the Independent Candidate for Dinnington ward’s statements on Rotherham Politics.

The complaints:
That Dave Smith made derogatory statements comparing Simon Tweed with a turnip.
That Dave Smith stated that another, Steve Scott, was ‘in the back pocket’ of a political party.

Examination of evidence:
Every word published on Rotherham Politics, attributable to Dave Smith and every comment making claims or complaints about him have been closely examined, together with the identification of the true sources for them all.

There is no evidence to support the complaints whatsoever.

Dave Smith did not compare Simon Tweed with a turnip, he said Simon Tweed had a turnip sharing Tweeds name! Quite another thing entirely.

As for impugning the reputation of Steve Scott, that accusation is also false.

Dave Smith was describing himself as, ‘not in the back pocket of political parties’. How this can be so misconstrued as to justify Steve Scott and others assertions that Dave Smith was accusing Scott of anything is not credible from the evidence.

There appears to have been, a deliberate and wilful misinterpretation of the statements that have been published here.

Facebook has been also been used to proliferate these erroneous and incorrect conclusions, adding to the offence caused to both Rotherham Politics and Dave Smith personally. This kind of behaviour is known as ‘Trolling’.

Dave Smith and this blog have been the victims therefore, of this ‘Trolling’!


Dave Smith and Rotherham Politics are both due an apology from the perpetrators! We both await suitable apologies from the perpetrators and the removal of the offensive material posted on Facebook. They could use the comments for this purpose or contact us personally under separate cover.


First posted as a comment on the Vote Dave Smith – Independent Candidate Dinnington Ward post. Reproduced here for readers convenience.

3 thoughts on “‘Trolls’ owe apologies!

  1. I will admit I am not perticullay up on net slang so had to look up the definition of Trolling and I have come to the conclusion that while some comments on here may loosely fit that catagory, the comments on facebook unless left on Mr Smiths profile are purely private comment and that a lot of Mr Smiths posts on here are Trolling on their own. Trolling is defind as the posting of deroagatory or inflamatory statements deigned to prevoke an emotional response. I there for argue that by constantly using the Simon ‘i have a turnip named after me’ Tweed comment, buy calling certain councillers liars etc Mr Smith has himself become a Troll. I have also read several of his posts under the dubious title Comedy club and found more examples. (Dinningtons Ugly sister springs to mind)


  2. Sorry, but I must correct you, David Smith said quite clearly in his posting that Simon Tweed had a turnip named after him. I pointed out the fallacy in this statement, the turnip is in fact named after the River Tweed and not after Simon Tweed. This is a matter of fact and has been confirmed by the company who bred the variety of turnip.

    You are totally incorrect in assuming this is trolling. I stumbled on this site and thought that a statement from someone seeking election was an example of a logical fallacy. While I have no interest in the politics of your town, I do feel that anyone seeking election needs to aspire to a higher level of discourse. The example I gave was that this was an ad hominem as it was seeking to associate a political opponent with a vegetable. You will also note that in all interactions between myself and David Smith, we were both courteous and discussed the differences in our views in a polite manner.

    I have no knowledge of any Facebook postings, but am concerned you are linking my comments with any other comments. Your statement that there is a deliberate and wilful misinterpretation is one of concern. Every statement I made in that discussion is factually correct and can be proved to be so. Association of any of my posts and accusations of trolling is defamatory. I have nothing to apologise for.


    • What Dave didn’t say was, Simon Tweed is a turnip!
      The trolls accused him of that, you didn’t, therefore no one, least of all me, accused you of being a troll


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