Omar ‘succeeds’ in Boston Castle!

Omar Mehban’s campaign got it’s reward last night when we discovered 64 votes were cast for him! Omar, we understand was hoping for fewer than this!

How many Loonies can there be in Boston Castle Ward? The answer to that question is at least 64 and allowing for the turnout there could be many more?

The urgent question on everyone’s lips is will the Official Monster Raving Loony Party field more candidates in 2014? Rothpol certainly hopes so!

Well done Omar from Loonies every where!

Oh! The loony that won this epic political battle? Labour’s, Mahroof Hussain!

5 thoughts on “Omar ‘succeeds’ in Boston Castle!

  1. Getting more than 10 votes was great as far as I’m concerned. We’re having an Upside Down Day at the OMRLP so technically, I won!!!!!!!! I hope it gave the people of Boston Castle and the readers of this blog a good ol’ chuckle!


  2. Message from a blighted Ward -Well done Omar – you have brightened our lives. Have you vacancies? Darren Hughes might like to join you!


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