Reflections on an election – Dave Smith

I have never felt so disgusted as I did last night at the count for the Rotherham council elections, this is not sour grapes because I did not win; because I never expected to.  The reason I felt that way, and indeed still do, is the contempt with which Labour councillors, Labour members of parliament and their supporters treated other candidates who dared to stand against them.  We were looked on as if we had no right to take part in the democratic process, we were made to feel we had no right to be there.  The atmosphere was one of total arrogance, we own Rotherham and no one has the right to challenge that.  What the people of Rotherham need to understand is that the contempt they showed towards me and other non Labour candidates is the same contempt they show towards them.

In the cold light of day people who have voted Labour, based on the premise that you have always done this, should now analyse what you have done. You have voted for more workers to be sacked, leaving them to the misery of unemployment, more workers salaries to be cut, more services to be cut and even bigger rent rises for next year.

Remember this the government cuts have hardly started, so what next from this set of part time Labour councillors. You should also remember that all this is happening whilst these part timers are lining their pockets with thousands of pounds of our money, whilst carrying out very little work.

How many of you in our area of Dinnington with children at university can afford to send £150.00 a fortnight to them, Simon Tweed can.  So could you if you had £13,518 on top of your wages.  This my friends, who always vote Labour, this is what you have done.  The Labour controlled council of Rotherham has not done one thing to protect the people from the hardships that this government is putting on them; in fact they have compounded it.  A pensioner living in a two bedroom flat has to pay extra because no one is living in the extra bedroom, this on top of the massive hike in their council rent.  When are you “I have always voted Labour” going to wake up to the fact that it is not acceptable for councillors to be taking out of the money, meant for the people of our area, thousands of pounds that single parents, the unemployed, the disabled and pensioners can only dream of.

What we need is the people of our area to get out and vote in order to counter the “I have always voted Labour” brigade.  Out of a possible 9,500 voters in the Dinnington area only 2,662 voted, a derisory 28% of the electorate.  This has given Labour the bragging rights that they polled 52% of the vote, but this is 52% of less than a third of the electorate. The real figure is actually 14.57%  of the total electorate a vastly different figure.

For those who voted UKIP and Conservative what on earth do they think they are going to do for our area, they could not even be bothered to contact the people in any way; they couldn’t even be bothered to attend the count.  For those who told lies and obfuscations about me, well done you have helped keep Dinnington at the status quo, no where, with no one to fight for it.

The bright light of this election is that Labour voters at Anston rejected the Labour/Tory candidate and returned an independent.  My hearty congratulations to Clive Jepson, I know he will do a good job for his area.

I will just add one caveat for Labour, I am still here, still alive and remember I have two years to prepare.  See you in May 2014 councillor Falvey.  Two years is a long time in politics.

Dave Smith

23 thoughts on “Reflections on an election – Dave Smith

  1. Mr Smith it seems like you have mighty good view of all of Rovrum from your lofty White Hobby Horse …

    I feel your pain and very obvious public disappointment that you didn’t succeed in your ambition to represent the citizens of your area …

    But the people have spoken, and rest well assured that there are now many many more active and empowered citizens across our Borough who will continue to very publically and effectively democratically challenge and scrutinise those who have succeeded in becoming Elected Councillors of RMBC, of whatever political persuason.

    So, in short, is it junketing and waist-busting as usual for the Corn-Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns of Da Sewchalist Fiefdom of Dodgerland … well if it is they can expect me to be popping up from the long grass and exposing their self-centred hypocrisy and costly antics …

    Over tae you Dodger n Da Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz … we’re a watchin n a waiting … ya’ll watch how yae go now … 🙂


  2. Well done Dave! Yes, I know exactly how you feel having attended the Rotherham count a couple of years ago as a scrutineer and ‘Independent’ supporter only to be treated by that Labour scum, Smith and his supporters with the attitiude of “How dare you invade our exclusive territory. We own this Town” They really are the most arrogant, self serving dishonest scumbags ever to infest and infect local politics. Once again we all fall victim to the “I’ve always voted Labour” brigade.


    • JF – you sound like bit of scumbag yourself using that kind of language about people most of whom you don’t even know. You sound like a very nasty individual.


      • You are new on here Jahangir, to refer to a fellow contributor as a scumbag, is unacceptable! This is not an adults only blog. Your own families younger members might read it!


      • Jahangir, I probably know Smith a damn sight better than you do and been a victim of his lies and underhanded vindictiveness.


      • I would not normally use language like this but it was in direct response to JF. I don’t want to get in to any personal issues between JF and any particular member but it’s not right for him to use that derogatory term for a lot of people he doesn’t know and who I know to be good and honest individuals.


        • Jahangir, I referred only to Gerald Smith when I made this comment and I did not coin the frase Scum Labour, a Scandinavian Christian Democrat gentleman named him that after his disgracefull actions at last years elections. As you are well aware, Smith received a Police caution for his illegal publiocation and now I believe he blames Hilda Jack and had her de-selected as a result. I stick with my comments about this man. Also Jahangir, I have been told by a mutual friend that you are a decent person so I hope that you are not allowing yourself to be contaminated by the likes of Smith and fail to see how any decent person can support him.


    • Jim, we are in danger of the slippery slope to the use of inappropriate language. The use of the term scumbags is perhaps a little stronger than readers may find acceptable on an all ages blog.


  3. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I had a great night, and I appreciate the fact that the Labour councillors/supporters weren’t hostile. Thank you to the 64 loonies who voted for a Loony in Boston Castle.


  4. I resent that- I could’ve ‘Loonified’ Boston Castle. And in fairness, I don’t care WHY they were receptive, fact of the matter is, they were and credit to them. Though I heard one cheeky sod say ‘Oh did he get any votes?’


    • Omar – you’re absolutely right no one was nasty to anyone. I didn’t see anyone walking around saying or behaving in a way that could be interpreted as “we own this town” Mr Smith is being very liberal with the truth. The term Sore loser comes to mind. He just needs to accept that he was REJECTED by the very sensible people of Dinnington.


      • Jahangir, is Michael Conlon, Maltby Independent candidate telling porkies when he says “the conduct of people and councillors in red ribbons booing and hissing at candidates who had the courage to stand up for their beliefs was disgusting.” (in his letter in this week’s Rotherham Advertiser describing his experience at the count in the Magna Centre)? No he is not, he is describing exactly the experience I had a couple of years ago at the count. The Labour dictators firmly believe they own Rotherham lock, stock and barrel which they have been allowed to do over past decade. We hope that decent people, like yourself, will stand up to them and fight for decency and democracy in Rotherham. Something that hasn’t been seen here for a long time.
        Read the coment on page 4 (Advertiser) attributed to his lordship, Gerald Smith regarding Hilda Jack! If that isn’t “I did that! I git rid of her.” Who is the more decent of the 2. Hilda or Grald? I know from experience who I would vote for and it wouldn’t be Smith!


  5. Never had such an experience at any count had a ding dong battle with Keith Goulty that got heated a few years ago and he was a complete gentleman on the night. Only problem I’ve ever had was the mardy whining of Mrs Guest of the BNP.


    • Mr Sylvester, your use of the Yorkshire term “mardy whining” has me in hysterics …

      I think you’re bang on the money with your astute observation in relation to the individual you refer to … and yeah, their political persuasion was happily trashed at the elections.

      The only sad and sinister fact IMHO is the collective number of Rotherham citizens across our Borough who cast their vote in that direction.

      We all need to keep our eye on the ball on this one and work even harder to open up minds that are closed and help eyes to see.

      We really do have a wonderful town here in Rotherham with residents from all corners of the world who’ve made Rotherham their home, and invested in their childrens’ and grandchildrens’ home.

      Pray God that we can all continue to live in peace and harmony together


  6. For someone who was at the count for the first time , how did that arrogance show itself? There were a lot of Labour supporters that’s true, but thats inevitable isn’t it? Doubtless the same scene was replicated in all our town halls and for the Labour Party substitue whichever party has the majority in that area. Kensington and Chelsea ,for instance, would be a mass of blue ……. So I am not sure what point is being made. Just because there are a lot of them does not autimatically make them arrogant. Indeed there are quite a few remarks on this website which indicate an unpleasant and arrogant take on life .It often sounds as though if you (on this website )don’t like what has happened then they (the voter) must be stupid. How arrogant is that? Are you the only ones with “The Answer” ? I don’t think so and I for one will not be voting for such a thoroughly unpleasant bunch. Do you have a policy at all or would that be too much to ask?


    • Dianne Anonymous,

      Vee ask zee “qweschuns”, on here …

      Zay have too geev “ansaz” ….

      And to all zee unsuccessful candidates: “For you Tommy zee Elecshun iz over” 🙂


    • JF- As I said in my earlier post, Its not place to defend any named individual without knowing the facts behind any comment about them. The reason I took exception was that you lablled everyone with that offensive comment. But I do accept 2 wrongs don’t make a right so I will withdraw my comments but would hope in return you direct your comments to particular individuals that you feel deserve your critiscism and not use a scatter gun approach to tar everyone with the same brush. Ps: Thank you for your kind comment about me.


      • Jahangir, If you read my original comment you will see I said ******** Smith and his supporters. That does not label everyone and I hope, particularly not you. From what I have heard, I cannot see you supporting Smith, you are far too decent. By the way, I don’t expect you to respond to this comment in public as you may find yourself de-selected too!


  7. As usual instead of reading the whole thing and answering or commenting on the political points only the easy to attack parts are dealt with. The people of Rotherham should remember that only a third of the cuts have been implemented, the worst is yet to come. The international monetary fund is pulling the strings of all governments and making them carry out austerity measures; look at Greece and other countries. The condems are the hand maidens of the IMF and the Labour controlled councils, by carrying out these measures locally are in turn the handmaidens of the condems. Instead of being so parochial you people need to look at the bigger picture, you can not go on sacking workers and cutting workers wages with total impunity. When the council made the massive hike in council rents the housing councillor gave her excuse as most people are on housing benefit and so will not pay it, this may be true but the condems are in the process of attacking housing and all other benefits; so this excuse wont wash for much longer. The IMF have told our government it will have to implement even stronger austerity measures if it is to keep its triple A rating. That will mean that local government will have to implement even tougher austerity measures, all this whilst still grabbing the high unearned income. Make the most of it you Labour councillors because you will you soon feel the cold anger of the people of Rotherham when they finally say enough is enough.


  8. Mr Smith, I’m intrigued by your comment about Laybah councillors: “you will you soon feel the cold anger of the people of Rotherham”.

    Did I miss something in the election results?

    I thought that Laybah had actually done pretty well in the local elections, with the exception of Anston & Woodsetts where of course they were well and truly trounced.

    Just for the public record … did you win or lose in your attempt to represent local people. Help me to jog my memory please. WIN or LOSE, which one will you stick your hand up to?


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