Upset in Anston & Woodsetts ward!

For those eager readers waiting for full analysis of this years Rotherham local government elections, disappointment, I am afraid is inevitable! It takes time to do this.

The highlight of the night came at the very end of the counting session, with the declaration of the result for Anston & Woodsetts ward.

Clive Jepson, the doughty Independent, had beaten Darren Hughes!

What the voter giveth, they can take away again!

Selling out Anston’s green belt to the Brethren Cult, was never going to make Darren popular! It’s that kind of place, that and the simple fact, that they wouldn’t be taken for fools! Not twice!

Elections can be wonderful occasions! Revenge of the ‘duped’, perhaps? Or even Rotherham’s very own ‘Portillo’ moment?

More on this story later, when I wake up properly!

The results are here on the RMBC website.

5 thoughts on “Upset in Anston & Woodsetts ward!

  1. Absolutely sweet and poetic election result AFAIC, hearty congratulations to Cllr Jepson and laughs-a-plenty to the Con-Lab Cllr who didn’t know whether he was Arthur or Martha!!!!!

    I did hear a whisper from a “Town Hall Towers insider” that all the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns and Da Dodger thought it were a rayt grand thing at junkets to have such a super-rich fly-boy spiv Cllr with Elton John glasses and pink braces and a Porsche who would flash the bottomless cash to keep filling up the grunting trough … and now they’ve disappeared up their own jetpipe …

    Oh dear how sad, never mind, can’t take a joke you shouldn’t have joined.

    Still, at least our newly-unemployed public servant can now concentrate on setting the Rotherham business world on fire with his fly deals and shoddy shamblings, as I’m sure he’s learned such a lot from Da Dodger.

    I wonder if he would qualify for a position with News International … now there’s a thought!!!!

    Mind how ya go 🙂


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