Complete 2012 Election Results!

Rotherham Politics election coverage continues. Our full results service is now available on it’s very own page – click here to check your local results. Further analysis to come.

There are other election related matters to come in the near future, check back regularly!

We are also interested in any information or campaign literature distributed by the British National Party (BNP) or the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), known to us here as, BNP-Light!

We would also like to complete our Manifesto Library, if anyone can help us to fill in the gaps, we would be most obliged. Perhaps Reg Littleboy might assist?

Finally we are also interested in reader sourced anecdotes from the recent elections campaign, please leave them as comments please or email Rothpol.

4 thoughts on “Complete 2012 Election Results!

  1. One thing these results show is that even when on a high in the national opinion polls there is no such thing as a safe Labour seat in Rotherham given a good local candidate and campaign. Many of the 60% plus results will have come about because the Labour candidate will have been the only one to give the electorate the courtesy of a leaflet. Given this there are votes to be taken from Labour, votes to be squeezed from Tory “paper” candidates and given the low turnout lots of apathetic voters who given the right impetus can be persuaded to vote for an alternative to the status quo.


  2. Your right about Tory “paper” Candidates, here in Anston the Tories took the seat from Labour with a big majority (2008). Last year they put up another candidate and failed to deliver any Leaflets. This year they were defending the same seat they took in 2008 (gained seat, big majority) and again no one saw the Candidate or any Leaflets. The Public punished the “Apathy” of the Tory Party here in Anston by switching their votes to the Independent. Lets be quite clear, the only serious opposition here in Rotherham seems to be brave Independents, who put their own money on the line, and the growing precence of UKIP. Could I surgest that with a second poor showing, with more seats lost, that heads should roll at Rotherham Tory HQ.


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