Rotherham Politics – BNP & UKIP Two sides of the same coin?

During election periods Rotherham Politics is remarkably free of mentions of the BNP and BNP-Light, known to local voters as UKIP. This is to ensure that we don’t assist them by giving them publicity, all be it, of a negative nature!

At the elections this year both fielded candidates, UKIP 12 and BNP 5. The number of seats available was 23, so they managed to avoid fighting each other in 17 of the 21 ward elections, without, we are told, any collusion!

These two political parties have also managed this trick once before, in 2010 I believe. As the chances of this happening once are vanishingly small, for it to have happened twice in 3 years is almost impossible, without a pact not to fight one another’s candidates and collusion over which seats to fight, that is! Any other interpretation of the facts would stretch credibility too far.

Why is this important? When two Parties enter an electoral pact, implicit in this, is the recommending to BNP voters that they should vote for a UKIP candidate in the absence of a BNP candidate and vice versa! This makes them amount to the same thing, two sides of the same coin as it were, quite outrageous and totally unacceptable!

The BNP is populated with various racists and bigots in Rotherham as elsewhere. The organiser for them locally? Marlene Guest! The same Marlene Guest that occasionally pours out her pernicious opinions in the letters pages of the Advertiser.

It comes as a bit rich, when Nigel Farage the UKIP leader, tells the world that they are a nice cuddly party that has dealt with their racists and thrown them out. This clear out has not gone as far as Rotherham, if they can enter such a disgraceful electoral pact! Which is why Rotherham Politics refers to them as BNP-Light and will continue to do so until Rotherham UKIP rids itself of it’s BNP Fellow Traveller members and joins the fight against the BNP!

UKIP’s problems in South Yorkshire are not confined to Rotherham it would seem? Sheffield UKIP candidate sacked over Breivik comments

Candidates 12 5
Total Vote 8940 2953
Average per Ward 745 590

20 thoughts on “Rotherham Politics – BNP & UKIP Two sides of the same coin?

  1. This is an excellent piece, I understand UKIP have denied making a deal nationally but it’s clear that here in Rotherham they have come up with a cosy deal. The tag of BNP – light to describe UKIP is not only apt but ingenious. Thank you for exposing this unholy alliance and I hope the people who voted for UKIP look very closely in the future at they’re policies which are further to the right of the Tories who destroyed our once great mining and steel industries.


      • I’m not a UKIP member, just a UKIP voter. I don’t know how agreeing not to split the anti-Labour vote, by contesting different wards makes UKIP BNP light – I’m not saying they have done this, but if it were the case, it is purely common sense. UKIP have done this before unilaterally with Tory candidates in the GE. Does that make them BNP-Tory light?

        Just remember, NuLabour has its bigots, as Gordon Brown showed us.


  2. At the count, when Martin Kimber declared the result of the Rotherham West Ward, I distinctly recall him calling Caven Vines, the UKIP candidate, Craven Vines! Have we at last found something that we can agree upon with Martin Kimber?


  3. It’s been happening in other places not just Rotherham. And what has been said on doorsteps by UKIP in various places would frighten Mr Farage to death – or would it? I can’t stand the bloke and think he is a self seeking arrogant git, and tha’s the polit version,

    And Adam forget the past, please let’s move on. The Tories did not single-handedly destroy the coal and steel industries. They had an awful lot of help fom those industries themselves – I know I worked in them.


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    • Who knows!
      Maybe because the English Democrats and the EDL are also running candidates?
      Remember that the English Democrats did pretty well in the recent PCC elections.


  5. Nice try but there did not have to be any collusion.
    For all you know, UKIP declared first in 12 wards and then the BNP made a tactical decision not to have their 5 candidates stand in those wards.


  6. robin symonds ‏@charlielard
    Oops, seems I caused a stir last night with BNP/UKIP rumour. Seems I got it wrong and it was Middlesbrough not #Rotherham. Oops, my bad!

    Does this shed a little light on the subject?


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  8. Let’s be clear: the ‘Guardian’ and others have got it wrong.
    Caven Vines has never been a member of the BNP.

    Any working relationship with Marlene Guest finished years ago. At the time Mr Vines was on Council Watch with her it should be noted that he was an Independent councillor and she was a Lib-Dem. After working with her over 10 years ago is it wrong to speak to her when meeting in public – at the count for instance?

    Just so you all know.
    John Wilkinson
    Agent for Caven Vines UKIP candidate for Rawmarsh ward.


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