Bramley Parish Council vs Severn Trent Water Ltd

Press release from Bramley Parish Council, 11 May 2012

Severn Trent Water Ltd has instructed Bramley Parish Council that they will dig up and lay a sewer across our Wadsworth Road allotments on Monday, 14th May.

Severn Trent has powers under the Water Industries Act to lay drains wherever it likes and this gross injustice to our allotment holders is what happens when large private companies are given powers to ride roughshod over communities.

The Parish Council would like to defend the allotment holders in court, but it cannot simply
use public money to defend against Severn Trent’s reprehensible actions, when there is a
chance of losing the case and the costs could run into several thousand pounds.

Severn Trent could have used several other routes, but they chose the cheapest option and
said to hell with the destruction of the allotments, and the utter devastation of Mr and Mrs
Suter’s garden at their home on Coquet Avenue.

Severn Trent assured us that they had carried out what they said was an exhaustive
“optioneering” exercise to explore all the sewer route options open to them, the Parish
Council has demanded this information under the Environmental Information Regulations,
but Severn Trent has not complied with the Regulations.

To give an indication as to the quality of people we are dealing with at Severn Trent; when
we asked why they hadn’t used the large sewer that had been serving the same site for at
least 40 years, they told us that they didn’t know about it!! – so much for their exhaustive
“optioneering” exercise.

In the same vein, Severn Trent told Mr Suter that they would tunnel under the mature hedge at the bottom of his garden when they came through with their sewer, but we have got hold of emails that states how they are going to dig the hedge up and remove it. And unbelievably, Severn Trent’s contractor has more recently said how they will then plant this hedge elsewhere and when they’ve finished their work in Mr Suter’s garden, they will bring the hedge back and replant it – this must be one the most bizarre horticultural procedures ever heard of.

Ofwat told us how they are unable to pursue our complaint yet, due to the legislation that
controls them, but they did advise how they would have expected Severn Trent to have
taken the Parish Council’s “views into account before coming to a final decision especially
where an alternative route is suggested and available” Well, seeing as how Severn Trent decided on their route without even telling us, or Mr and Mrs Suter, that they intended to impose their scheme upon our respective properties, Ofwat’s expectations of Severn Trent are sorely misplaced.

Bramley Parish Council

8 thoughts on “Bramley Parish Council vs Severn Trent Water Ltd

  1. A question for the brave and indefatigible members of Bramley Parish Council …

    Q – Do you think that Seven Twat Water have successfully attended the Grald Middle Digit School of Charm and Mystic Thinking to have arrived at their bizarre and anti-social response?

    Could it be of benefit to Bramley Parish Council if an active and empowered citizen with shedloads of experience in FOIs were to take up cudgels with this load of corpulent fatcats who masquerade as a caring compassionate and socially responsible public company?

    If help is required, I do know a chap who just relishes an opportunity to ridicule and humble those who try to dominate and dictate to ordinary citizens.


  2. Unfortunately, the FOI Act doesn’t apply to Sven Twat Watter, it’s the Environmental Information Regulations that applies to that bunch of tosspots, but it appears they don’t bother with complying with the law anyway, in much the same way that they don’t give a toss about the community and residents of Bramley – or anywhere else probably.


  3. This stinks!

    Sadly there are times when only direct action works, but let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of them.
    I had understood that there is little difference between FOI and Environmental Information Regulations (EIR).
    If the Parish Council has requested the information under EIR and Severn Trent has not complied, then their next step is an appeal to the Information Commissioner – he should be able to put a stay on the work until he has competed his investigation.
    What is obviously needed is for the Parish Council to publish all correspondence that has so far taken place between the parties – and that is an FOI request.


  4. Whoops !
    See this:
    I’ll dig deeper over the weekend but :

    Please note that the ICO no longer considers Water & Sewerage companies to be subject to the Environmental Information Regulations (ref. FER0260426). This is not a definitive ruling, as the First Tier Tribunal (Information Rights) could still be approached to rule on the matter.

    Water companies will usually consider reasonable requests for environmental information.

    Please do not submit any requests for information which is not environmental in nature, as these may not be replied to by the authority.

    You can only request information about the environment from this authority.
    [end quote]


  5. I could not agree more, a company like Severn Trent given a power like this, but employ brain dead staff that have no regard for residents, and further more are not accountable for there actions, they are the school bully with the power of the headmaster. And the regulator is the headmaster. The higher up you get the more corrupt they are.
    159 water act where home owners and land owners have no power.


  6. It can now be reported that Seven Twat Watter and its lackie sycophant contractors Mbonka, or whatever they call themselves, has now invaded the Parish Council’s allotments.

    It can also be reported that the resident, whose garden will be destroyed by these thugs, was overtly lied to – they told him how they would tunnel under his hedge at the bottom of his garden and cause the least amount of disruption. Yeah, yeah, yeah, not heard that bull***t before!

    And guess what, the scumbags are now going to roll in with their soddin great big tonka toys.


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