First News From Wales Parish Council


This first reflection on Wales Parish Council from Anteggs:


How NOT to elect a chairman !!!

Wales Parish Council held their annual meeting last night (laughs)

The retiring Chairperson Fran (knownowt) Blanksby asked for nominations

The Acting Clerk Cllr Mike Brabbs (knowevenless) was nominated & sec

Cllr Keith Bamforth was nominated & sec

Fran (knownowt) Blanksby then decided that the two nominees give an election speech – on what they would do for WPC. (laughs)

This contributor always thought that the Chairpersons role was to oversee that the wishes of the WHOLE COUNCIL were carried out. Not act unilaterally (Not in Wales apparently)

After their speeches they were then instructed to leave the room (gets even better) (make their own rules do WPC)

They were then invited back and told the outcome of the vote. Democracy? What a set of numpties.

Did the acting clerk tell them that this is not the way to elect a chairman? Did the acting clerk tell them that candidates can vote for themselves?

NO NO NO  don’t be silly reader.

One of the candidates Cllr Bamforth said he was entitled to vote, Chairperson Knownowt said he wasn’t.  Are you all laughing yet?

The election of a Vice Chair was even better

Cllr Paul Martin was one of the nominees but Cllr Knownowt said he couldn’t stand BECAUSE he hadn’t been a member of WPC for a year.

Did the acting clerk tell her differently ?

NO he did not

You couldn’t make it up!

This is what CallmeDave wants to give more power to.

Rotherham Politics welcomes Anteggs first contribution from Wales PC. We very much hope it will not be the last, thank you!

A great deal of money is spent, wasted and misused at Parish Councils all around Rotherham, you too can play a part in exposing this, then changing things for the better. If this is all too familiar to you, let us know. Rothpol.

Parish Councils in Rotherham are frequently very poorly administered because no one knows how they should be run, the documents available below, put that right:

Model Contract of Employment and Job Description Parish Council Clerks                         Model Code of Conduct for Parish Councils
Model Standing Orders for Parish Councils
Model Complaints Procedure for Parish Councils
Model Financial Regulations for Parish Councils
Model Audit Procedure for Parish Councils

Requirements for being a Quality Parish Council, well worth a read:

3 thoughts on “First News From Wales Parish Council

  1. More postings please, keep up the good work. I bet that instead of taking on board what you have said, the response will be to “turn” against you. Expect flack at the next Meeting.


  2. Once upon a time there was a Parish Council which did not have a clerk.

    Lets use one of our own for a while they cried.

    This they did for nearly a year, mistake after mistake they made.

    It’s time to get our very own Parish Clerk they decided.

    They placed advertisements – one in the job centre which they decided would have a closing date of 27th April 2012 and one on Rotherham Borough Council’s site with a closing date of 30th April 2012.
    They also placed some flyer’s around the village. The contributor does not know the closing date of this one but it may even be 2013 – one never knows.

    The advert asked for a Financial Officer NOT a Parish Clerk =- horror of horrors – WPC received over 100 replies.

    Could that be because NO-WHERE on the advert did it say the candidates should have local government procedure knowledge?

    Perhaps not because WPC are not well versed in local government procedures themselves – in fact they generally ignore them.

    Maybe they thought anyone they employed could also ignore them – No point in spoiling a good thing with such trivialities as law and good governance.

    Anyway it is now the 26th of MAY 2012 and they still have not even got round to a shortlist and god forbid anyway near interviews.
    They haven’t even sent information packs with job specification or description out to any potential candidates.

    Mind you they did pay £250 for a consultant to draw up a job specification which they have not used. As far as I am aware to date NO other councillor but (acting clerk/chairman knowevenless) has even seen it.
    A further addition to the waste of the ratepayers of Wales and Kiveton Park.

    No doubt WPC will continue to blunder along making mistake after mistake, acting illegally and generally deserving the title ‘Dibley Parish Council’

    Will this story have a happy ending – probably not

    I really do wonder what ‘callmedave’ (the real one) is playing at when he thinks that Parish Councils are capable of running more community services.

    More will no doubt come from the keyboard of the contributor as time marches on…………..


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