Breaking News from Bramley!

From Trambuster, more on the abuse of power by the private monopoly, Severn Trent:

It can now be reported that Severn Trent Water and its lackie sycophant contractors Mbonka, or whatever they call themselves, has now invaded the Parish Council’s allotments.

It can also be reported that the resident, whose garden will be destroyed by these thugs, was overtly lied to – they told him how they would tunnel under his hedge at the bottom of his garden and cause the least amount of disruption. Yeah, yeah, yeah, not heard that bull***t before!

And guess what, the scumbags are now going to roll in with their great big tonka toys.

See previous post: Bramley Parish Council vs Severn Trent Water Ltd and The sewer that does not exist?

Some photos of the situation would add enormously to readers understanding?

Our appreciation to Trambuster for this important update.

From the Advertiser website: Bully boy tactics by Severn Trent.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News from Bramley!

  1. Couldn’t but wonder if the owner of this property, would feel a tad put out if earthmoving machinery invaded his garden and tore it up, despite a perfectly viable alternative existing just a few meters away?

    Mbonka MD House

    You’ve guest it! This particular property is owned by the MD of Mbonka!

    Angry Bramley Resident doesn’t adequately sum up how I feel, but it will have to do for now.


    • You couldn’t find a better exemplar of the abuse of power, exercised here, by a private company in monopoly position, with their public utility powers intact! An utter disgrace!


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