Perhaps – Rotherham’s biggest democratic deficit?

A quick analysis of elections information of parish councils in Rotherham reveals much:

Anston parish council Elections
Aston cum Aughton parish council Elections
Bramley parish council No Elections
Brampton Bierlow parish council No Elections
Brinsworth parish council No Elections
Catcliffe parish council No Elections
Dalton parish council No Elections
Dinnington St Johns Town Council Elections
Firbeck parish council No Elections
Harthill with Woodall parish council No Elections
Hellaby parish council Elections                                                                                                   Laughton en le Morthen parish council No Elections
Letwell parish council No Elections
Maltby Town Council Elections
Orgreave parish council No Elections
Ravenfield parish council No Elections
Thorpe Salvin parish council Elections
Thrybergh parish council No Elections
Thurcroft parish council Elections
Todwick parish council No Elections
Treeton parish council No Elections
Ulley parish council No Elections
Wales parish council No Elections
Wentworth parish council No Elections
Whiston parish council No Elections
Wickersley parish council No Elections
Woodsetts parish council No Elections

The links to the basic information work, unlike RMBC’s website. As usual these links should open in your browser, use back button to return:

Results contested parish council elections

Results uncontested parish council elections

The bare facts are these, there are 27 parish and Town Councils in Rotherham Borough.

There were no elections at all in 20 parish councils and elections, in at least a part of the parish, in only 7!

This is a startling result! Labour’s true democratic deficit starts at the bottom and goes all the way to the top, it would seem!

Thanks to Accidental Anarchist for starting this little hare running.

12 thoughts on “Perhaps – Rotherham’s biggest democratic deficit?

  1. You missed off Hellaby, which had an election. Not to defend Labour, but it’s not one party or another’s fault if not enough people can be bothered to stand as a candidate at an election. More voter/candidate apathy than democratic deficit .


    • Nope.

      Moaning or giving “critical friend feedback” is our democratic and constitutional right Mr Sylvester. Also our right to be lazy, apathetic and not to vote.

      We have the right to moan, whine, whinge, complain, bitch, bellyache, comment, suggest all we please – and above all else we have the ultimate right to enjoy doing it too 🙂


        • Mr Sylvester, whether I’m up or down in your estimation is of no concern to me whatsoever.

          Happily you aren’t my elected political representative so your opinion of me is utterly worthless AFAIC. My reserves of courage are well documented, but I choose not to make them public to you or any others, they are a matter between me and the Great Architect of The Universe.

          I stand by my right to comment, criticise, vote or not, and it’s my democratic to do any or none.

          My public track record of exposing Rovrum Laybah political hypocrisy and waist-busting junketing by a free and judicious use of FOI is a matter of public record if you read the Tiser and these pages here.

          I represent no one but myself, and I have no intention of ever politically representing any group, community or political party, but I do intend to continue to hold to account those who are elected to govern me with my consent and who are paid a shedload of ackers more than Sheffield City Councillors for that sacred privilege.

          Those who may dislike that simple inescapable fact have the problem, not I.


  2. Lol at graldhunter – spot on my friend. When people put up they should be able to take the flack that comes with it, even if it comes from us lazy lot. Anyone with a semblance of intelligence will stay away from Parish politics, the pain and brain hurt are too much to take. When a PC can’t even follow the rules for electing a chairperson how they can be trusted with £1000’s of ratepayer cash. Disband em all I say. Dibley rules!


    • Unfortunately disbandment is not an option. Until then, citizens have to put things right themselves. Your lonely period is coming to an end, Wales Ward will improve in time and publicity is often the key. Labour dominates the parish councils that largely operate in secret without benefit of any oversight, this is also set to change, we must force them to be more publicly accountable. Power to the people!


  3. Back in the delightful regions of Rotherham for the next two weeks, I think i can throw a little light on this proverbial problem. Whenever a parish council looks like getting above itself it is jumped on mightily by the local Labour Mafia. The two I know most about ( and then not an awful lot) are Orgreave and Ravenfield, and both involved substantial amounts of money.

    Orgreave had 2 0r 3 Liberal Democrats on the parish council at the time and there was a row regarding a village hall. When the Lib Dem councillors tried to find out where the money, allegedly in the safekeeping of RMBC and donated by Coalite, was actually held there was a load of waffle from the Borough, (the minutes of some of those meetings were I believe deposited in the archives for safe keeping) one of the councillors was a teacher in Sheffield and resigned because he was afraid he might lose his job having been threated with the same. The other who ran his own small business was effectively trashed in every possible sense of the word.That is as I remember it. The amount of money was in the region of, if I remember correctly. £250,000. My memory of all the fallout is a bit vague as I had left Orgreave to go to university and not come back, my parents moving to Bramley in 1998 Someone out there may have more information about this.

    The Ravenfield fiasco I did know about as I was living on Belvedere Parade in Bramley at the time. The chairman at the time was Lib Dem Chris Roderick but she had ceased to be active in the party I think. The row blew up regarding the Youth Club, which was an independent charity which owned the land and buildings, The Borough was trustee. The building was in rack and ruin and the Parish Council took it over and obtained a loan to renovate it. The parish council were told that they could sue the brough council for failure to maintain the building – this from the Charity Commissioners. The rest I have little knowledge about. other than allegations against her regarding refurbishment of the Parish Hall could not be challenged because the minutes of the meetings had been removed. She was barred from being a councillor for 5 years I think. As a result of the publicity she lost her job but successfully took her employers to a tribunal.

    The Labour party in Rotherham are scared to death of anybody who challenges them. What happened to the Lib Dems will happen to the UKIP candidates. One of these days the lid will come off Rotherham and it will make Doncaster look like a vicarage teaparty.

    Michael Sylvester is rejoicing in his co-option on to Thrybergh Parish Council and we can all wonder why – is he as independent as he would like us to believe or are they lining him up for a thrashing in the future? Time alone will tell, but I will tell him to be on his guard.

    Something else strikes me as I write this – it it candidates to the right of Labour who succeed something one or two challengers should bear in mind. Rotheham is the most conservative town I have ever come across but is solidly Labour voting. Crazy!



  4. @Graldhunter – You may not be aware that Mr Sylvester is a man of many parties. My sources tell me he has been a member of the Labour Party but fell out with them, joined the LibDems fell out and now parades his wares as an Indepndant. God only knows what party he is going to join next.

    So I suppose he is what you would call a proper party animal. Oh by th way he flits about from area to area like our illustrious traveller brethren, ie; Thorpe hesley, wingfield and now dalton ( god have mercy on them )


    • Dear Adam,

      Thank you for your kind info …

      Actually I was already very well aware of Mr Sylvester’s voluminous previous membership track record and that he’s “got more badges than Montgomery” … while I am an undoubted “critical friend” of Da Dodger’s junketing and waist-busting style of political patronage, I have nothing but utter contempt for the political views of those who change their political allegiances more times than they change their skiddies …

      Actually, come to think of it, your description of Mr Sylvester as a “proper party animal” would be a perfect character requirement for him to join Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip and to join in the wall-to-wall festive junketing and feasting that Da Dodger enjoys with his coterie of generous gift-giving business buddies and nether-region tongue lickers.


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