Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’ Sworn in as Mayor, Today!

Rotherham Politics published this amusing story about Dave/David Pickering:

Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’ in name confusion

Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’, has difficulty remembering his own name correctly, it would appear! I speak of  Councillor Dave Pickering, who is currently Deputy Mayor and therefore next years, Mayor of Rotherham. Our story starts in March 2007, … Continue reading →

Thanks to the growing band of Borough Councillors using Twitter, it was possible to follow events as they unfolded today in the Council Chamber.

The new Mayor? Dave Pickering, the new Deputy Mayor? John Foden.

Mayors Dinner tonight, a few tweets to give us a flavour of events, would be most appreciated.

13 thoughts on “Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’ Sworn in as Mayor, Today!

  1. With Shaun Wright, passing the baton on to Dave Pickering and in turn to John Foden next year, it very much looks like the tradition, anonymous refers to, will once again remain unbroken?


  2. The big thing to remember is that the same councillors who shed 200 jobs have cut essential services will tonight be attending a free banquet ………………..leadership by example NOT!


    • Wonder how much it cost? Perhaps this might be a suitable subject for an FOI request?
      These greedy oiks need their wings clipped, it’s our money they are lavishing on themselves. When the Council is making staff redundant, this kind of excess is totally unacceptable, full stop!


  3. Sir- I think it’s discourteous and damn rude to infer that Cllr Foden is stupid. Can you give any evidence of the charge you lay against someone who is one of the most respected Cllrs in Rotherham.


    • Rotherham Politics has not implied that Cllr John Foden is stupid.

      Fly on the wall however did imply just that, but they are entitled to their opinion, that is their right.

      I would just point out that being respected has nothing to do with their intellect!


      • We are splitting hairs, you know what I meant. I would contend that people should have the decency to qualify eronious statements and present evidence as was not the case with inferring that Cllr Foden was stupid. I think it lowers the tone of this site when you allow blanket statements like that to be published. I say this because I find the site very informative and maybe like others could be turned off by the childish insults without any foundashion.


  4. I imply, you infer!

    I make the inference from your comments, that you do not disagree with my assessments of John Foden’s predecessors and the current Mayor CallMeDave Pickering?

    I would contend that I was making an observation, not making childish insults, as is the implication from your comment or at least it would be my interpretation.

    What makes my comment without foundation? It has been my pleasure to be acquainted with Labour Group’s membership and I think to describe someone as stupid, in this context, almost counts as praise.

    I am surprised that your obvious liking for John Foden, clouds your judgement.


  5. On the stupid debate it does nothing but drag the site down, comment on the politics and policies .

    Cllr Wright certainly isn’t stupid and I found him to be honest and sincere though he does need to be held to account for the special measures Childrens services was put in into in 2009 especially if he wants to run our police service.

    Cllr Pickering I only dealt with once at a public meeting but he was polite in the way he answered the question I put to him and informative for the meeting as a whole.

    Cllr Foden is smart, one of the harder working councillors, he doesn’t let politics get personal and though a party loyalist away from the political arena works with anybody apart from the BNP to improve his community. He’ll be a good mayor though I will still have a pop if the 2013 mayoral banquet is free for councillors, especially if they cut more jobs and services next year!


  6. Michael Sylvester: Surprised to find you defending the current system of Labour Councillors getting their snouts in this particular trough on a ‘buggins turn’ basis. Two years of excess, paid for at our expense! Greed pure greed!

    It’s time this conspicuous profligacy was brought to an end, Rotherham taxpayers simply cannot afford it!

    As for regarding those who pursue the Office of Mayor, as stupid. I personally cannot think of anything worse, than to be Mayor. Starts from the off with lots of speeches to lots of people who really don’t want to listen and at the end of the Mayors banquet, the Councillors take all they can carry, in the way of table decorations!

    Stupidity, has little in the way of correlation with intelligence, in this particular regard as greed always overcomes logic which is where their stupidity is exposed! I am surprised there are any supporters of the Mayoralty left, as they must by implication, support this greed!


    • I’m not but just because I disagree with their political actions doesn’t mean you have to be rude or sink to being so personal. In all the above fotw you haven’t highlighted a single policy or political action to back up your assertions and the fact you’re not man or woman enough to put your name to your post means like far too many comments on this site people just laugh at them and really don’t care too much for what you think.

      As for the post of mayor it does have a role. Scenario :You’ve worked hard setting up a community event to better your area what’s wrong with a bit of civic recognition for your unpaid efforts via a mayoral visit or opening. Scenario: you’re working hard to bring jobs and investment into Rothetham (Boeing for example) involve the mayors office even if it’s for tea with company executives to help attract real change for people in the town.

      Councillor’s should pay for their meal ticket to attend the mayors banquet and with things as they are it would send a message to council staff and local residents they do actually care. Similarly the mayoral budget should have more scrutiny as should the mayors role and if you want to debate these issues fotw please do but drop the insults and put your name to what you say


      • What pray, is the political action in becoming Mayor? The only politics involved is the politics of greed!

        There are no policies to pursue, the Mayor is supposed to be remote from all that.

        Unless you know different, that is?

        As for insults, there are many fine examples on this blog, many of them far more offensive than my agreeing with Anonymous that “Rotherham has a long and proud tradition of stupid Mayors.” Muppets and clowns, being just two of those examples!
        Don’t get all delicate on us, if local politicians can’t cope with a little chiding and ribbing now and again, perhaps they should consider their positions when it comes time for re-election?


  7. Mr Sylvester I think you should give up on this one. Clearly this individual has one particular view and no logic or reasoning will alter that. so hey ho mr………… You carry on with the insults but I will not bother reading your posts again.


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