Dinnington Save Our Greenbelt – Campaign Hotting Up!

A new round of consultations is due to be launched by Rotherham MBC on the future of Rotherham’s Green Belt. With the consultation set to commence soon, Rotherham Politics has been told that, “things are hotting up a bit on the issue!”

Part of the Dinnington and Anston groups preparations, is the creation by the campaign of their own Facebook page:


From the Advertiser website: Rotherham new homes target slashed.

1 thought on “Dinnington Save Our Greenbelt – Campaign Hotting Up!

  1. Spin, Spin, Spin. RMBC seem to be taking credit for the number of house reductions from 24,000 down to 12,750. Lets re-cap, The Labour Government introduced the Spatial Plan for 24,000 homes, the ConDem Government scrapped it. It now seems that at last RMBC has seen sense and are going to build on Brownfield sites first. The news that 4,000 more homes are to be built at Waverly is good, so that in my calculations that only leaves 1,750 homes to be built all across the area in the next fifteen years. I would expect a massive reduction in the proposed Green Belt land for building. I will be asking questions re the proposed “extra” Green Belt land they were intending to take,( to make the next round of land grabbing easier) at the consultation in November. I know that the Save Our Green Belt has been asking for Brown field sites to be used first, and if this change of mind is due to them, VERY WELL DONE.


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