Wales Parish Council – Another member of the Comedy Club!

More observations from Wales Parish Council by Anteggs:

Once upon a time there was a Parish Council which did not have a clerk.

Lets use one of our own for a while they cried.

This they did for nearly a year, mistake after mistake they made.

It’s time to get our very own Parish Clerk they decided.

They placed advertisements – one in the job centre which they decided would have a closing date of 27th April 2012 and one on Rotherham Borough Council’s site with a closing date of 30th April 2012.
They also placed some flyer’s around the village. The contributor does not know the closing date of this one but it may even be 2013 – one never knows.

The advert asked for a Financial Officer NOT a Parish Clerk =- horror of horrors – WPC received over 100 replies.

Could that be because NO-WHERE on the advert did it say the candidates should have local government procedure knowledge?

Perhaps not because WPC are not well versed in local government procedures themselves – in fact they generally ignore them.

Maybe they thought anyone they employed could also ignore them – No point in spoiling a good thing with such trivialities as law and good governance.

Anyway it is now the 26th of MAY 2012 and they still have not even got round to a shortlist and god forbid anyway near interviews.
They haven’t even sent information packs with job specification or description out to any potential candidates.

Mind you they did pay £250 for a consultant to draw up a job specification which they have not used. As far as I am aware to date NO other councillor but (acting clerk/chairman knowevenless) has even seen it.
A further addition to the waste of the ratepayers of Wales and Kiveton Park.

No doubt WPC will continue to blunder along making mistake after mistake, acting illegally and generally deserving the title ‘Dibley Parish Council’

Will this story have a happy ending – probably not

I really do wonder what ‘callmedave’ (the real one) is playing at when he thinks that Parish Councils are capable of running more community services.

More will no doubt come from the keyboard of the contributor as time marches on…………..

Our thanks for this comedic piece go to Anteggs, who left this as a comment, but it was simply too good to miss!

2 thoughts on “Wales Parish Council – Another member of the Comedy Club!

  1. £250 for a job description, why did they not use the old one ?. Why is it that when people become Parish Councilors, all common sense goes out of the window. All that Councilors need to do is ask themselves three questions, Is it cost effective and value for money, Is it in the interests of the people we serve, If it was my money would I make the same decision. These three questions are not perfect, but covers most items.
    Keep up the good work Anteggs.


  2. Job Descriptions for the job of parish clerk are avaialble from Yorkshire Local Councils and the Society of Local Parish Clerks. Both these organisations can provide excellent help and information for a reasonable annual membership. They also run very good courses for people new to the job. What is not needed is some jobsworth from RMBC – there are occasions when there is conflict between the two. In addition they need to watch the tax situation if that person is already employed. These people shouldn’t be allowed to run a jumble sale,

    By the way Dibley is incorrect – that is a parochial church council not a parish council but I would not expect Dawn French to know that,


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