Rotherham’s Disgrace – The questions begin?



As an active and empowered citizen and unpaid community volunteer with an interest in the costs and activities of RMBC Elected Members and Officers I read the following article with profound concern –

I note with deep concern that “Rotherham Council dropped its application for a High Court injunction to prevent the disclosure of all the findings” and I wish to know –

1. The total cost of the High Court injunction and any and all of the cost of legal advice and/or opinion given to RMBC from either within or without the organisation, in relation to the Serious Case Review mentioned in the article.

2. Please provide a specific itemised cost and date breakdown in relation to the legal costs requested in (1) above.

Please provide the above information in electronic format and within the timescale specified in the Freedom of Information Act.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

Rotherham Politics would be delighted to make this report available to readers, if someone would oblige us? Send as an attachment to, Rothpol.

4 thoughts on “Rotherham’s Disgrace – The questions begin?

  1. No one should be at surprised regarding the level of censorship of this Serious Case Review; however you should be concerned that senior officials thought it acceptable to try and withhold information relating to this tragic case.
    They argue it was to protect individuals; yes they are probably right, protecting the 15 agencies who failed to protect a vulnerable young girl.
    They trot out the same old tired mantra, lessons have been learned, no they have not and it will happen again, take a look at the minutes of the Safeguarding Board, the number of apologies, lack of action from previous meetings and if you are in any doubt about the level of commitment from these highly paid individuals this is from the December 2011 meeting:

    360° Appraisal of RLSCB Independent Chair
    Joyce Thacker circulated hard copies of the outcome report of Alan Hazels’ 360° appraisal and reported that feedback had been positive, but it was disappointing that only 50% of RLSCB members / advisors had taken part. Alan Hazell will therefore continue in his role as Independent Chair of RLSCB for another year.

    And what of our Elected Members, can anyone find any evidence of any RMBC Elected Member speaking out about sexual exploitation in Rotherham?
    I would have expected given the history of group and individual exploitation in the town Members would have spoken out.
    As Edmund Burke said:
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


  2. The problem is that of political correctness. They were petrified of being called racist even though half Rotherham was aware of what was going on. Equality means equal before the law and this child, for such she was, should have had the protection of it.


  3. Bearing in mind the recent case in Rochdale where a number of Asian men were jailed for ‘grooming’ young white girls for sex, it now appears this case was almost identical with even more serious consequences resulting in the murder of this poor girl. It is cover ups like this by RMBC which allows this evil form of racism to flourish throughout the Country. The incompetence of our Council and many others is just fueling the situation and hiding from the public the reality of what is actually happening throughout the Country. They should hang their heads in shame for allowing it to happen in the first place, but to try and cover it up is just beyond comprehension. This, surely should result in the dismissal of those incompetents involved including those at the most senior level ie Councillors and Executive Officers who attempted to keep it from public view!
    How low can they get?


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