Rotherham’s Disgrace – The Council Reports – Download them here

Firstly the Press Release:

Serious Case Review – Child S

Published: Tuesday 29th May 2012

Services supporting children and young people have made changes to ensure lessons are learnt from the death of a young mother in Rotherham.

Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children Board has today published its Serious Case Review into the case of the 17-year-old, known as Child S, who was found murdered in October 2010. An 18-year-old was sentenced to 17 years in prison after admitting her killing.
The review highlights a number of issues where services could have been improved and has made recommendations, which have already been acted on by agencies across Rotherham.  It also makes clear that although there are elements of services which need to improve, there is no suggestion any individual or agency failings led to Child S’ death.
The independent report also reflects on the major recent improvements which have been made to services generally across Rotherham and says the many initiatives introduced should reduce the risk of a similar case happening again.
Alan Hazell, Chair of the Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children Board, said: “This is a wide ranging study which shows a very complex situation surrounding Child S and her child which made it difficult for agencies to engage with her.
“There is no suggestion that anyone could have saved Child S from what ultimately happened to her but clearly her care could have been improved. There were chances for those agencies to be more proactive in how they dealt with the case and all agencies involved accept that and apologise that the standards of service were not as high as they should have been.
“It is vital that agencies learn from what happened here and there is clearly a commitment in Rotherham to make that happen. As the report comments, there are already many initiatives in place to ensure that services are now improved.
“That is reflected by the removal of a Government Improvement Notice last year and a rating of ‘performs adequately’ in the latest national Children’s Services Assessment ratings.
“We now need to step up the pace of improvement and the Board will continue to oversee the work of agencies in Rotherham to ensure that children, young people and their families receive improved services both now and in the future.”
Among the changes already introduced are:
  • Creation of new Contact And Referral Team (CART) to provide improved initial assessments and better access to services
  • Introduction of specialist support teams e.g. Learning Disability Services, Complex Health Care team, and Looked After Children’s Services.
  • Establishment of Learning Communities which provide clear routes to care and support for every child and young person and help co-ordinate Prevention and Early Intervention work in each community.
  • Quarterly performance monitoring by the Children and Young People’s Trust Board of progress under the Children and Young People’s Plan
Issued by: Steve Pearson, Tel: 01709 822641

The published reports:

2 thoughts on “Rotherham’s Disgrace – The Council Reports – Download them here

  1. Fine words indeed. But one very nagging and uncomfortable question comes forth from this.

    Will those same lacklustre highly-paid Elected Members and Officers of RMBC from this unspeakable and predictable wicked tragedy be those same incompetents who are tasked with measuring whatever passes for governance and performance management of the measurement of success of the recommendations from this shameful episode?

    I would like to know where all the ambitious experienced female Labour Councillors stand in all of this.

    Will they be piling on the pressure to Da Dodger and his coterie of elderly out-of-touch grey-haired male muckers to demand that Rotherham is made a safer place for all of the women, both young and old, in our special little town?


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