Rotherham’s Disgrace – Fresh woe in tomorrows Times

For readers that can get behind the paywall, the rest of us will have to buy the print edition in the morning.

Inquiry launched into sexual abuse of children

Andrew Norfolk and Ruth Maclean

Published 1 minute ago

A parliamentary inquiry into the sexual exploitation of children was announced yesterday after MPs were told that thousands of victims have been identified across the country. The scale of the abuse was revealed as a Commons committee listened to evidence of failings by the police, prosecutors and care professionals that allowed a grooming ring to sexually abuse dozens of girls in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Nine men, eight of Pakistani heritage and an illegal asylum seeker from Afghanistan, were jailed last month for numerous child-sex offences in the town and surrounding areas. Their trial came after an investigation by The Times into a hidden pattern of group offending against vulnerable girls, usually white and aged from 12 to 16, across northern England and the Midlands. Most of the…

Well spotted by a contributor, Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Rotherham’s Disgrace – Fresh woe in tomorrows Times

  1. And to think that our corpulent spineless junketing Dodger has trolled off on yet another jolly leaving his brave beleaguered 2i/c Cllr Jahangir Akhtar to try and steer a course single-handedly through this dreadful mess … what an apology for a Leedah … and where’s Da Laybah Cllr Sistaz got to?

    Surely they should be forming a protest group and making it abundantly clear to Da Dodger and his coterie of cowardly, elderly, grey-haired, out-of-touch male Cllr muckers that summat’s gonna change right now in Rovrum …

    Over tae you Sistaz, anyone out there?


  2. Ah, but Da Dodger and his mates do have a strategy in place to deal with such matters, just follow this link and then click on the link ‘Strategy to Eliminate Violence against Women and Girls’ and there you will see how Da Dodger and his mates are helping these vulnerable people.

    Eh, what, it dun’t work!! – oh bugger, ne’r mind I’m sure Da Dodger will sort it once he gets back from his junket.


  3. That website is a disgrace, half the stuff on it only works half the time. Could it be there are things they don’t want you to know?


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