Rotherham’s Disgrace – Problem does exist – Official!

Here’s a brave WOMAN who’s prepared to stand-up and make the country and MPs publicly aware that young women are indeed being systematically sexually abused, and by whom.

Note how she clearly refers to the perpetrators, she doesn’t shy away “in the interests of community cohesion”, unlike Rotherham’s “Nelson’s Eye” Elected Members and Officers.

And what do we have here in Rotherham? Deafening silence from the civic political leadership and civic professionals paid toxic salaries to ensure the welfare of the town’s women and children – with the exception of Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, who’s been left to stand in the mire while his Corpulent Clown of a Leedah jollies off out of town – AGAIN!!

And still deafening silence from the town’s female Labour Councillors who haven’t yet issued a statement or a promise to take a stand and protect their sisters in the town.

Spotted and brought to you thanks to Grald-Hunter

4 thoughts on “Rotherham’s Disgrace – Problem does exist – Official!

  1. Child exploitation is sickening and all our politicians (MPs, ministers etc) should be prepared to confront the issue, regardless of the perpetrators’ race or religion- they’re an indictment to our society and if over political-correctness isn’t dealt with, these animals will continue to get away with it.


    • Thanks for your comment Omar, agree with every word!
      It is time for our local politicians to ‘stand up to the plate’ and make their views clear, instead of hiding away in the Town Hall like cowards, hoping it will go away – It won’t!
      For a ‘loony’ you make an awful lot of sense.


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