Taxi here for the Leader, no thanks if it’s in Rotherham!

So here we have it, further evidence of the risks posed to the populace of Rotherham by weak and in-effective governance standards, from individuals with dubious backgrounds and from RMBC Elected Members who have remained silent on the scale of the threat posed to the local community from people intent of targeting vulnerable citizens.

No wonder our great leader Roger Stone has his own Council funded chauffeur driven BMW to drive him about.

These are the meeting minutes from the Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children’s Board , December 2012, the same body that tried to cover up the grooming and sexual exploitation of Laura Wilson, so if schools are rightly being warned about the risk, what about warning the public?

Licensing Act 2003 – update report – Phil Morris
Phil Morris explained that the purpose of this report was to assure RLSCB that it is fulfilling its duty with regard to licensing issues.
One issue that has arisen is that limousine drivers are not subject to the same licensing regulations as taxi drivers. This raises potential safeguarding concerns for any children / young people using limousine services. Maryann Barton asked how aware schools were of this issue, given that many young people book limousines to take them to their schools proms. Phil Morris replied that he and Claire Edgar, Team Manager of the Sexual Exploitation Service, are to prepare a briefing paper on this for schools. Phil Morris & Claire Edgar
Concern was also expressed regarding the recent case of a taxi driver who has had his CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) record cleared, despite there being intelligence on him with regard to child protection concerns.

Keep it under wraps, the plebs can take their chance is the attitude coming from Roger Stone and the rest of the shower in Town Hall Towers.

Taxi drivers here in Rotherham have been awarded contracts from RMBC to transport children and young adults with learning difficulties from home to school etc, for many of these trips the driver will be alone with the passenger, given the above information, what safeguards do you think our Elected Members have put in place to prevent the above individual from working on RMBC contracts and driving a Taxi in Rotherham?

I am still waiting for Cllr Jahangir Akhtar to explain what community cohesion is and what will RMBC be doing about grooming and sexual exploitation in Rotherham, Jahangir the perpetrators have not gone away.

Jahangir reflect on this today: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


Rothpol is grateful to Cerberus for their first full post and very much hope it will be the first of many.

4 thoughts on “Taxi here for the Leader, no thanks if it’s in Rotherham!

  1. There is no doubt that RMBC has wallowed in a morass of sleaze and corruption for many years now. Not all councillors are guilty, but if honest members continue to support the status quo then they will unfortunately be tarred with the same brush. Time to take the lid of the mess and expose those negligent councillors and council employees who are clearly not doing what they are paid to do. Time to get rid of the lot and start again maybe?


  2. Community Cohesion, now that is Mahroof Hussain’s pigeon, I believe. Stony silence from him at the moment, just like the ‘Great Leader’ Stone for that matter?


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