Rotherham’s Disgrace – Free Advice For The Leader Roger Stone

While contemplating the continuing deafening wall of silence coming from Town Hall Towers on the appalling sexual exploitation and grooming of young women and children which is still manifest among our midst, and the huge vacuum caused by an absent, literally and metaphorically, Leedah, I came across this most relevant and apt piece of advice from the world-renowned business guru, the great Tom Peters.

When I watched it I could not help but reflect on the difference of approaches which Tom advises people to follow when dealing with a problem, which is at total variance to Da Dodger’s “tell em nowt rayt, dunt say owt reight, unless it’s abart Dolly Twin Peaks, right”.

Anyway let Rotherham Politics readers work out for themselves whether Tom’s wise words would prove helpful for the secretive, junketing, highly-paid and ineffective Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns at Town Hall Towers.

I offer this link as an active and empowered citizen at no cost to the civic purse and as part of my civic duty as a “highly critical friend” of RMBC Elected Members and Officers.

Yours Sincerely,


2 thoughts on “Rotherham’s Disgrace – Free Advice For The Leader Roger Stone

  1. Thank you Grald Hunter.
    An interesting clip from Tom Peters, sadly our great leader and his merry team will not have a clue on how to translate the advice into action, it is beyond them!

    The real tragedy in this sorry saga of denial regarding the scale of child grooming and exploitation in Rotherham is that the perpetrators are out there, Rotherham must be an open door for them, no condemnation from our civic and community leaders, nothing to evidence that any robust action is being taken to make life difficult for the perpetrators and why is there a lack of awareness programmes for parents?
    Public awareness, not in this town, community cohesion is the priority.

    If this wasn’t bad enough we a leader, deputy leader and chief executive maintaining total silence on the matter, they are culpable and should be held to account for failing to protect children in our borough.


  2. Good on you Rothpol – keep this one in the public eye. The Advertiser should be doing more too!!! Rog, it’s just not going away this time oh esteemed Leader. The “silent approach” that has served you so well for so long isn’t going to get you off the hook this time. This issue is so serious and for you to “say nowt” is a shameful indictment of the extensive boundaries of your lack of morals and leadership.


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