Pin the red rosette to the donkey?

Those avid twitterers will have seen the result of labour’s selection of their candidate in Novembers’ Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Shaun Wright has been selected to carry labour’s red rosette!

More on this later.

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5 thoughts on “Pin the red rosette to the donkey?

  1. Oh deep joy 🙂

    As an active and very empowered citizen voter and ratepayer I will so enjoy observing, challenging, scrutinising, and being a “critical friend” to this clown of a dumpling who seeks highly paid civic office way beyond his developed abilities.

    I have every confidence that his future track record will be as unassuming and lack-lustre as his dismal track records of unsuccessful micro-management at Rovrum Town Hall Towers.

    I know of one “RMBC Elected Member friend” of his who said to me he’d be voting for Shaun Da Sheep not for his ability to do the PCC job, but just to get him “the **** away from Town Hall Towers”.

    And such my friends is the twilight incestuous nepotistic world of false friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood among the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns of Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip.

    Carry on Shaun, we’re watching ya, baa baa baa baa. Remember don’t park Da Commishnaz Limo on dem dubbul yellaz, eh, there’s a good un.

    Hey, I remember the A4 “Loser” piece of paper, Shaun, cos I was there. Saw ya saw ya. Conduct Unbecoming?


  2. What of the highly fancied Meredydd Hughes? He came last! In other parts of the country that has resulted in them putting their hat in the ring as an Independent. Sources do not rule that out in South Yorkshire either?


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