Shaun Wright for Police and Crime Commissioner – Full Results

Round 1
BILLINGS, Alan 461
HUGHES, Med 382
WALAYA, Kash 622
WRIGHT, Shaun 972
Round 2
BILLINGS, Alan 592
WALAYA, Kash 671
WRIGHT, Shaun 1116
Round 3
WALAYA, Kash 861

11 thoughts on “Shaun Wright for Police and Crime Commissioner – Full Results

  1. @rothpol, they’re (members) just as bad, my sister voted for that clown.
    @james, take a good look through the tags that include Shaun Wright, there’s a catalogue of reasons!


    • haha@all you miss informed people, particularly at Mr Sylvester, who obviously has not got the first idea on how to manage people or within an organisation! One of the 1st things i read on the link provided was some quotes from an article by the affore mentioned Michael Sylvester re the issues that Ofsted had reported on Rotherham’s children’s services, which by the way most of the failings reported at that time were already being addressed by RMBC and had been identified as issues by Cllr Wright and other members of the services before Ofsted had completed the report. What i found most amusing reading the article, was the comment about micro managing and Cllr Wright not letting officers get on with doing their jobs! Are these the same ‘middle managers’ that were failing in the first place? Are these the same ‘middle managers’ that were complaining that Cllr Wright didnt let them carry out thier roles that they were inadequate at doing on thier own?? Are these the same ‘supposedly highly qualified and definately overpaid middle managers’ that had been trusted by Cllr Wright and other senior council and board members, of doing the right thing?? I dont think so! Being a Senior Manager in a major firm for the last 10yrs, having spent the most of that time trouble shooting and turning non profitable areas of the business into highly profitable areas, the only way to do this is to micro manage middle management who are in touch with the people who matter-the people on the coalface! My experience with many ‘middle managers’ in RMBC (and there has been many) has never been positive, many are jobsworths with no drive or passion for what they do or what they are working towards, which probably explains why they are working in a Local Authority and not earning twice the wage working for a private Business? Mr Sylvester has obviously never had to manage people at any level or he would understand the concept of ‘Micro Management!’ I also read the article ‘Conduct Unbecoming?’ which i wont go into as much detail, but what was highly amusing, was the detail given by an anonymous source, written at the end of the article saying that Kath Sims was Cllr Wright’s mum, the fact that that was even published is a joke in itself and just answers what i suspected in the first place! Thanks for that rothpol.


      • Thanks for your magnum opus. Michael Sylvester, I am sure, can speak for himself in response to your points but I would like to say this, Shaun Wright appears to become embroiled in the minutiae and loses sight of the big picture. PCC is a big picture position for which he appears to be spectacularly ill-qualified!

        For my own part in your war and peace, I hold my hands up, I got it wrong. I apologise and am happy to acknowledge Lyndsay Johnston as Shaun Wright’s mother in law. I am glad that this error seems to have caused you some mirth!


  2. @ Dinum please we can do better than that, though we may have questions about Cllr Wright’s ability but please lets not sink to such insults
    @ James without submitting my CV I actually have an incredibly good record as a sales manager for a national company but you do raise an important point. If my company wish to measure my effectiveness they have a number of performance measures. In the case of Cllr Wright’s running of Rotherham’s Children’s services we have the 2006 OFSTED inspection which is a good one and 3 years later an inspection whereby under Cllr Wright’s leadership the service is such that to quote OFSTED “the safety of children cannot be assured”

    On the question of micro management, over the years I’ve fostered good working relations with a number of officers in the council and that opinion did come from one of them. However not refered too as such but what I would call micro management was a specific criticism of the service and in the list areas for priority action OFSTED stated “Performance management systems and auditing policies do not ensure that local and senior managers are able to fully exercise their decision-making and supervisory responsibilities”

    Basically James like any good manager knows get yourself a good team and let them get on with their jobs like the model professionals that the vast majority of those who work in Rotherham Council are.

    Cllr Wright led a service where the safety of children could not be assured, our fear now as Police Commisioner he will carry on his record and that the safety of our communities will end up not being assured.


  3. James ,are you the alter ego of the never-to-be-forgotten Patrick Cawkwell? You have just come out with some of the stupidest statements I have ever read. For someone who is (as you cannot resist telling us) a senior manager with a major firm you have a poor standard of English and punctuation.

    I take issue with both you and Michael Sylvester on what is wrong with RMBC. A lot of the middle and senior managers are decent hardworking folk, but there are others who have been given the job purely because they are the right colour or belong to the Labour party. (political correctness is not one of my strong points)

    There is a level of incompetence in a number of areas of the council which the councillors do not have the expertise to resolve, even if they had the will. Child protection is the most serious but there are others, whilst not being life-threatening, are a cost to the council tax payer. There is far too much reliance by councillors on officers, and too much rubber stamping of reports. Yet the councillors are the ones who have ultimate responsibility to the electorate.

    In another of your crass statements you trot out the well worn mantra of the left –
    ‘which probably explains why they are working in a Local Authority and not earning twice the wage working for a private Business?’

    If you worked in the private sector as you say, you would know that this is far from the truth. The pay rates in local and central government are far in excess of any comparable position in the private sector. In addition, there are a fair number of employees found in both who cannot do the jobs they hold, but are virtually impossible to get rid of. They would not last two minutes in private industry.

    And Michael, I have it on good authority that you are a decent bloke, but you will never get yourself elected in Rotherham if you place yourself slightly to the left of Mao Tse Tung, as Mr Wilson found in Dinnington. Rotherham people are not extremist in any sense, in fact they are more conservative (small c) than many Conservatives. Time to go back to old Labour values maybe and drop all this New Labour ideology. Reducing the allowances the Rotherham Mafia pay themselves might get rid of a few of them – they might actually have to get a proper job!


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