Shaun Wright – the damning OFSTED report of 2009!

Shaun Wright – the damning OFSTED report of 2009, read the documents here:

Document 1 and Document 2, to return click on your browsers back button.

These documents are cited as evidence by Michael Sylvester in his comment responding to @James, which I reproduce the relevant part:

“If my company wish to measure my effectiveness they have a number of performance measures. In the case of Cllr Wright’s running of Rotherham’s Children’s services we have the 2006 OFSTED inspection which is a good one and 3 years later an inspection whereby under Cllr Wright’s leadership the service is such that to quote OFSTED “the safety of children cannot be assured”

On the question of micro management, over the years I’ve fostered good working relations with a number of officers in the council and that opinion did come from one of them. However not referred too as such but what I would call micro management was a specific criticism of the service and in the list areas for priority action OFSTED stated “Performance management systems and auditing policies do not ensure that local and senior managers are able to fully exercise their decision-making and supervisory responsibilities”

Basically James like any good manager knows get yourself a good team and let them get on with their jobs like the model professionals that the vast majority of those who work in Rotherham Council are.

Cllr Wright led a service where the safety of children could not be assured, our fear now as Police Commissioner he will carry on his record and that the safety of our communities will end up not being assured.”

Michael Sylvester

Reproduced from Shaun Wright for Police and Crime Commissioner – Full Results

No small wonder then that Rothpol is decidedly unimpressed with Shaun Wright as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner!

The infantile behaviour previously reported on Shaun Wright – Conduct Unbecoming? is pretty persuasive as well!

Over to @James perhaps?

6 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – the damning OFSTED report of 2009!

  1. is it correct that Sean the Sheep left this post a couple of weeks before the OFSTED report was made public? if so, did he and Stoney have advance warning of the contents?

    I presume we must thank our friends in the Labour Party for nonetheless nominating him as their candidate for PCC? Surely they would have known more about his lack of talent than we the general public?

    Them having nominated him, the electorate went on to prove the old adage that 6% of the public will vote for a sheep if it is wearing a red rosette.

    Yet maybe not in the future. When you are a one party state it beholds you to act with dignity and give us good leadership. If you don’t well…..who knows?

    Of course we of a slightly left tendency bemoan that their incompetence is likely to let the racists and reactionaries in.

    Oh for a local Labour Party that does what it says on the tin.Oh for bit of democracy with integrity.


  2. From Chris Longley MBE


    Posted on June 19, 2012 by rothpol

    Dear Rothpol

    Thank you for this entry, and for the fact that it has resurfaced today.

    To my shame I had not realised these 2009 dated OFSTED findings about services for children in Rotherham were of this order: I had read press descriptions and comments but I had not seen these originals.

    As most people who read my entries on Rothpol will realise I am pursuing the release into the public domain of the records of the Rotherham Child Safeguarding Board for the period spanning 2005/6 to 2009/10 when Councillor Wright was the responsible Cabinet Member.

    As a “slice through time”, the 2009 OFSTED documents will give a vital external reference point against which to assess what the internal Rotherham papers themselves say.

    Dawn Primarolo MP is reported in December 2009 as signing an Improvement Notice – one of a very few issued at that time – aimed at forcing Rotherham MBC to take actions to resolve the issues raised by OFSTED:
    Primarolo said: “I will take whatever action is necessary to ensure the safety of children and young people in these authorities and elsewhere including using statutory powers where it is right to do so.”
    Rotherham children’s board chair Shaun Wright, said: “We are already making important changes to how we support our children and young people.”
    It will be good to see what the Rotherham Children’s Safeguarding Board said when it received the 2009 OFSTED documents, and what it instructed should be done to accord with the subsequent Improvement Notice when it was received from the Government.

    I understand that under FOI time limits, I have only another few days to wait before I receive the RMBC documents that I have requested.

    I will keep you informed

    Kind regards


    Chris Longley MBE


      • From Chris Longley MBE

        Dear Rothpol

        My request was acknowledged by an RMBC officer on 14 May 2013, so on my arithmetic the twenty working days is Monday 10 June 2013. And that’s a few days.

        Kind regards


        Chris Longley MBE


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