Rotherham’s Disgrace – Shabana speaks out while the silence of the lambs continues!

While the majority of Elected Members and Chief Executive remain silent on the issue of the grooming and sexual exploitation of children here in Rotherham at least two Councillors have had the courage and stand up and set out their stance, Cllr Akhtar and Cllr Ahmed, it is a start and a positive one, I would even suggest a brave one given the track record of the Rotherham Labour Group to take a hard line with anyone that steps out of line.

If Shabana can stand up and be counted why the continued silence from Councillors:  Hoddinott, Astbury, Dalton, Andrews, Donaldson, Ellis, Beaumont, Clark, Burton, Godfrey, Falvey, Hamilton, Johnston, Lelliott, Pitchley, Russell(x2), McNeely, Whysall, Havenhand, Sims and Rushforth?

To each of the above, its time you stood up for vulnerable children, it is time you stood up for your community and its time to stop ignoring the problem that will rob innocent individuals of their childhood.


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