The MG Awards 2012

A particularly observant reader brought this little interesting nugget to Rothpol’s attention on the subject of last night’s MJ (Municipal Journal) Awards Dinner.

See: The MJ Awards 2012

This poses the question, did anyone from Rotherham attend?

They were Highly Commended in the Transformation by IT category, after all!

8 thoughts on “The MG Awards 2012

  1. RMBC were finalist for 2 awards and this year the MJ had highest number of entries ever. When applicants reach the finals 1 free place at the awards is offered for each catagory. Four people attended from R’ham (2 free 2 paid) & there were around 850 people at the event from many organisations across the public sector and private businesses. I was very proud that we made the finals for some very hands on work we have been doing in my ward for around 3 years which has had very positive feedback from residents. It was based on that evidence that we were encouraged to apply. I chair the task group & went along with a resident who has given great commitment to the process. We were sorry we did not win our section but it seemed to be a night for the cities & big teams. I expect that I shall be subjected to name calling etc etc on this blog but if no external recognition was ever received that would also attract vitriolic comments.


    • Oh ho ho, yet another RMBC Corn Fed Grunter, Muppet and Clown junketeer scuttles out from under a conference lunch table!

      Really, this sounds like it’s come from “Beyond Our Ken” as the old wireless programme used to be called.

      I’ve been working very very hard for the last 10 years, as an unpaid unelected active and empowered citizen voter ratepayer who scrutinises, checks, challenges and uncovers the lies, deceipt, double-dealing, duplicity, innuendo, junketing and first-class travel abuse and huge financial cost that Da Dodger’s Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns have imposed on the limited financial resource of our town’s ratepayers.

      I would accept no reward for my work save that of knowing that I’ve contributed to putting the brake on these elderly, grey-haird, corpulent, out-of-touch male junketing RMBC Councillors and Elected Members. to the point where they now regularly look over their shoulder before sidling up to the civic trough for another bellyfull..

      That’s more than enough reward for me.

      P.S. Ken, are you brave enough to join Cllrs Akhtar and Ahmed in publically condemning the sexual exploitation and grooming which Da Dodger and Town Clerk haven’t got the plums to publically condemn, or are you just happy to ride in silence and junket here and there?


  2. Some thoughts and questions:

    Maybe someone from RMBC (or anywhere else for that matter) explain what aspects of its IT achievements gained it this recognition? …oh, and many congratulations!

    I note the Anomynous comment that s/he chaired a task group whose product was up for an award, but which sadly didn’t quite achieve it. What was that activity?

    Whilst the attendance at the ceremony was 50% free for the four persons attending , presumably the costs of getting there and back and presumably staying overnight in London came out of someone’s pocket.

    Of those 4 attendees , how many were actual workers (AKA RMBC Council employees – and of what level of seniority) , and how many were, in Grad-hunters memorable phrase, “junketing RMBC Councillors” ?


  3. This is what happens when you use 2 computers – one saves your log in details & the other one doesn’t!!! Never any intention to be ‘Anonymous’ folks so accept my apologies. As has been pointed out my tweets made sure our nomination would not be kept secret & many people were aware why I could not get to a local meeting on Thursday.
    Best wishes from KW.


    • OMG, first we had Laybah’s “Two Jags Prescott”, then “18 Laptops Dr MacSh**e”, now we’ve come down a notch with Rovrum’s very own “Two PCs Ken”. LMFAO.

      Unlike the first two sad creatures, I know Cllr Ken Wyatt both personally and professionally and consider him to be a man of absolute honour, integrity and justice, and a million miles away from the belly-busting junketing feasting mentality of Da Dodger and his coterie of Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns.

      I guess it all comes down to the company you keep Ken, it’s such a shame that an upstanding man like you has to share Cabinet space with the majority of the retards that occupy Town Hall Chambers.

      But you can judge a man by the quality of the company he keeps.

      P.S. Any word from you on whether you will publically support Cllrs Akhtar and Ahmed in their brave public condemnation of a lack of civic and public leadership from Da Dodger and Town Clerk who haven’t comdemned the sexual exploitation and grooming that is poisoning our Borough?


  4. Never thought for one minute that someone with your track record for focusing on his ward and what matters to the Borough would be Anonymous.

    One question Cllr Wyatt, why are you remaining tight lipped on the issue of grooming etc?

    Did not expect that you would stand shoulder to shoulder to Stone and Kimber to keep the issue under wraps!


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