Shaun Wright – Some problems if he wants to be Police and Crime Commissioner?

Perhaps in his eagerness to avoid the electorate of Rawmarsh Ward, Shaun Wright or the Regional Labour Party would have checked whether there were any obstacles to his candidature.

Among those who are disqualified from standing are members of staff at a Council (except teachers), including County, Borough and parish councils (note that, as with police staff, even if you are not in a politically restricted post, you still can’t stand for this election).

Councillors are allowed to stand, unless they are members of the police authority, who can’t.

Shaun Wright clearly has a problem on at least two counts. Expect resignations soon!

13 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – Some problems if he wants to be Police and Crime Commissioner?

  1. Hi,
    I’m one of the officers who was persecuted during the 1995/1999 reorganisations. I’m finding some interesting reading on this blog. Thanks.

    David Wright


    • Great to hear from you, you are most welcome.

      If you have something you wish to say that is not covered by an existing post, please feel free to submit a contribution. Please send it to Rothpol together with any supporting material you have.

      If you like Rotherham Politics? Please tell your friends!


  2. Why on earth did Labour pick someone who is currently disqualified from standing?

    The fact that he can resign from two of his positions that disqualify him, is outrageous!

    The rules on disqualification were there for a purpose, to stop idiots like Shaun Wright, from seeking nomination in the first place!

    Shaun ‘the sheep’! just about sums him up.


    • Labour taking advantage of ignorance – Well I never!
      ‘Party of the people,’ No more! Just a way of greedy time served apparatchiks getting ever more well paid jobs, thanks to a corrupt Labour organisation that can be manipulated by a few, to deliver the desired result!


    • Unfortunately not! I imagine he will resign from the Police Authority and his employment with Barnsley MBC just in time for him not to be disqualified! Quite outrageous!!!!!!

      The question whether he can remain as a RMBC Councillor after being elected is an open one as it would appear he could!

      This may yet scupper Da Dodger’s strategy to get rid of Shaun Wright from the Council? Shaun can’t have thought that the support was genuine, surely? This is the murky world of Rotherham Politics at it’s murkiest.


  3. Gosh we seem to working up bit of a frenzy over Cllr Wright’s nomination from his party. Maybe there might be a knight or lady in shining armour on here who people may think would do a better job of the PCC or could it be more a case of key board warriors, happy to throw sticks and stones but not willing to put themselves forward for public service.

    But as always this blog is certainly entertaining and although I may not agree with everyone on here but there are some very honourable and community spirited people who genuinely care about our great town.

    So keep up the good work folks.


    • The fact that the british Police Service has been independent of political control for many decades has been a great source of pride for both the police service and the Country as a whole. I don’t know what this current government were thinking when they dreamed up this idea of a Police and Crime Commissioner but it is not good for anyone, only the politicians. We should be working up “a bit of a frenzy” as we will all be adversly affected by this idea of control by someone who has absolutely no idea about how to police our society or to apply the law in an even handed manner. If the likes of Shaun the sheep have control, then God help us!


    • A very patronising comment.

      Not everyone wants to stick their nose in the public service trough – we may have useful occupations. Do you really think that anyone outside the party political clique would ever get a look-in when the job pays so well?


  4. Will “Shaun The Sheep”, as his Laybah Grooip and RMBC Officer chums so affectionaly refer to him, also have to resign his position as a Justice of The Peace?

    I don’t see how he could possibly continue to dispense impartial justice on The Bench if he is installed as Polizei und Kriminal Kommandanteur.

    No that bending, ignoring or overlooking the rules in the past has prevented Da Dodger or any of his Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns from junkekting their way through our hard-earned tax bucks.


  5. @ Jim Fletcher congratulations on post of the week. You are absolutely right on the politicisation of the police service. My one hope is a shining knight in the form of an ex officer who knows about policing will come forward and stand as an Independent for the good of the service and wider community. They will have my shoe leather for any campaigning.


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