Shaun Wright – Some further complications?

Cerberus sent me this link to some advice on the law regarding disqualification:

Your attention should be drawn to para 4 in the introduction. It seems clear cut?

Cerberus’s view:

“From the guidance from the West Midlands it is clear for me, he can canvas for the PCC role while remaining a PA member, however as soon as he receives the nomination he has to resign.

I noted that on the news clips Wright said thank you and stated that campaigning started then, so by de-fault he could well be acting outside of the guidance if the West Midlands paper is based on national standards, given Wright was on holiday at the time of the announcement of the vote he may well not have tendered his resignation.

A minor technicality but one that could cause further embarrassment.”

This ridiculous situation of Labour’s currently disqualified candidate must be resolved!

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