Dolly Parton Imagination Library – A disaster in the making?

A Rotherham Politics reader who wishes to remain anonymous sent Rothpol this very interesting link:

This document repays careful reading but the most alarming is the cost £1,200,000!

Centralised purchasing arrangements, such as being proposed here, invariably go wrong leaving the Authority taking such responsibility with egg on their faces, oh and losing a lot of our money!

2 thoughts on “Dolly Parton Imagination Library – A disaster in the making?

  1. Whilst it is laudable that RMBC want to encourage kids to love books, perhaps this is a price too high to pay. We have library’s throughout the Borough, school’s and nurseries as well as play groups who are more than able to develop a love of books and reading. At the same time as spending £1.200.000 on this scheme the same Council are cutting services to the elderly and sick. Closures of day care centre’s when purporting to ‘care’ for the needy is nothing short of blatant hypocracy by the supposed ‘caring’ Labour councillors. For gods sake get some perspective you set of muppets !


  2. I thought it was just because a certain person wanted to get up close to Dolly Parton! Agreed though it was a non starter in the beginning. I wouldn’t trust them to run a jumble sale. Bradford are already signed up with Imagination Library as I understand it – no mention of Rotheham there so far as I can see.


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