Emma Hoddinott – Taken To Task!

Dear Rotherham Politics Reader,

Well well well, if I’d know then what I know now, I wouldn’t have given Ms Laybah Candidate the time of day, or me vote


What a sodding cheek when aspirant, but unsuccessful candidate for Parliament and now newly-elected Wickersley Ward RMBC Councillor, Ms Emma Hoddinott has to bus-in Cllr James Alexander, Leader of City of York Council to go “on the knocker” as they so politically call it in the smoke-filled chambers at Tweetun Wheeltappers & Ferret Handlers’ Club and Institute (CIU Affiliated).

I wish they’d knocked unannounced at my door cos I know quite a few English and foreign words which equate to “go though forth into the desert and multiply” and which I could have shared with them to show my disdain, disrespect and total dislike for this style of Blairite New Laybah codology.

But word on the block is that there will soon be an updated form of communication control from within the coterie of Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, and that any comms with the media, including Twitter-Twatter and Facebook will have to be referred to the Stasi Chief of Corporate Communicayshuns … and iffen she giz it the OK then it’s on, if not it’s off.

I bet that some of the RMBC Old Contemptibles who were writing letters to the press when she were still a lass licking lollies in t’nursery will have a few choice words of their own to say on this matter of desperate, insecure corporate political mind control.

Candidate for a Parliamentry Constituency? Yes please, anywhere. Let’s get shot and gerrid of ASAP and be gone from our little Borough where we’ve invested our lives, our money, our property, our livelihoods and where our children get their education – and where we’ve got a large stake in the outcome.

Yours Sincerely,


29 thoughts on “Emma Hoddinott – Taken To Task!

  1. Really? really? – Laybah lot manipulating the press, surely not!

    Surely the quality interlectools in t’chamber at THT are capable of conveying their own messages to those that they purport to represent, right? right! reyt! r……….

    Oh, er, er, hmmm, perhaps on second thoughts she’s cottoned on to the fact that she is actually surrounded by dumb clucks, dipsticks and dolts, and that they really do have ‘special needs’ and she’s the one to provide the communication skills that are so desperately required.

    Well crack on chuck!

    Now where’s my Edgell diaries, let’s get back to having a really good laugh.


  2. Well what can I say, typical.

    I’m no expert but I know for sure that Cllr Hoddinott isn’t primarily concered with the electorate of the Wickersly ward but more focused and concerned of climbing the greasy pole.


  3. Grald Hunter, yet another Labour light weight, straight from university, into a union post, elected to a local council and then off hawking their paper thin CV to every PPC selection they can find.

    Fortunately in Cllr Hoddinotts case the panel in Barnsley central ranked her well below Dan Jarvis and selected an individual worthy of the post.

    How interesting it is to note Cllr Hoddinotts silence on making any statement regarding grooming and abuse of vulnerable children in Rotherham, I will make it my life’s ambition to ensure that the next and every panel she sits in front of the question will be asked.

    Tell us Cllr Hoddinott, you and the Labour Group in Rotherham knew what was happening in the Borough, so why did you fail to inform parents of how to protect their children?

    I do hope Cllr Hoddinott is not the snitch in THT who has gone blabbing to Stone and telling tails on her peers, while Cllr Hoddinott may feel it will help her cause in winning the nomination for one of the two possible Rotherham MP seats, her playground tittle-tattle might just come back to haunt her.


  4. Couldn’t agree with Cerberus any further, I find it sad that it is just another one spat out from university and then land a Union job and then so on upward the political ladder, Labour a party that classes itself on standing for the working class cannot cotinue to do this so much as they’re doing now, we need more candidates in local and national goverment with life experience and work experience. We need more candidates like Dan Jarvis.


  5. Oh dear, no mention here of our long-service, hard-working and well-respected Wickersley Parish Councillor and RMBC Wickersley Ward Councillor, Sue Ellis –

    Emma Hoddinott ‏@Emma_Hoddinott
    Been walking the ward with @christophe_read this afternoon. #cllremma

    Guess, it’s now exclusively down to these Two Stooges to try and “hog” the limelight for their supposed representation of residents’ concerns. I can’t wait to see this romantic twosome rural ramble on YouTube.

    Wonder who else they’ll recruit for the film line-up? Tony Bliar? Archbishop Desmond Tutu? President Putin? The Pope?


  6. ‘A newly elected councillor to Rotherham MBC, Shabana Ahmed, is also a manager in Children’s Services at Sheffield CC. Another councillor at Rotherham, Brian Steele, a member of the Cabinet, is a full-rime employee of Barnsley MBC as a union representative’

    From Tales from the Town Hall

    Well Well W ell Who’d’a thought it

    Representatives of the working people of Rotherham my ****


    • My lord, what happened to all the honest politicians, I didn’t know that about Shabana Ahmed or Brian Steele but I knew that Kath Sims ( A Rotherham councillor) is constituency secretary to Denis MacShane.

      Jobs for the Boys springs to mind.


  7. These people are nothing more than Public Money Surfers – they start out from school with one aim in mind and that is, to do as little as possible for the economy of the country and to ensure a nice cumfy existence for themselves at the expense of everyone else.


  8. I think it’s time all this infomation was put together and a proper list drawn up and published. This lot are costing us a packet.


  9. Why is everyone getting excited about the employment of Councillors? All the examples people have given are about the named Cllrs doing legitimate jobs!!!!! Am I missing something here? It’s quite right that we hold out representatives to account for the decisions they make on our behalf but what the heck is it do with all the arm chair warriors on here as to how they earn they’re living?


    • Dear Adam Khan,

      Asalaam Alaikum,

      Please allow me the privilege of responding to your astonishing posting.

      I don’t know how you earn your living, nor indeed is it any of my business or of any interest to me in the slightest way.

      But dear Adam, you are not an RMBC Elected Member, and therefore are not a public figure who chooses to be active in politics and public life.

      I am sure that you have noticed that Rotherham Politics maintains a very healthy scepticism and disrespect for Rovrum’s Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns. Those at Town Hall Towers have earned the disrespect that we eagerly lavish and continue to heap upon them.

      This is entirely because those Rovrum Laybah Clowns do not EARN respect.

      They are the very champagne socialist junketing chattering classes that traditional hard-working Old Fashioned Labour supporters and voters have come to despise so much – simply because those Blairite Laybah Luvvies don’t have to exist in the world of hard knocks in which I live, Rotherham Politics readers live, and in which you and your family also no doubt live.

      The non-jobs that correspondents on here are disrespecting are just that – NON JOBS.

      If the Muppets didn’t turn up for a fortnight the world wouldn’t even notice the difference. They are drains on the rations my friend, nothing more, nothing less.

      There are those honourable Elected Members of RMBC who once earned their living at the harsh end of public service – administering life saving protocols in the road on a thoroughly dark wet early morning and on whom the public depended for their lives on many occasions – such men and women have my highest respect as human beings as they stepped up to the plate to be measured for their courage and integrity.

      Alhamdullilah. Khuda Hafiz.


  10. Less of the armchair warriors if you don’t mind. You clearly have no idea of the nature of local government. Do you think it right and fair that council tax payers (which you probably aren’t) should pay for full time union officials who then swan off to be councillors and get paid again?


  11. God, there’s always one armchair warrior.

    Adam, people have the legitmate right to be interested in the employment of our elected officials, as it’s us the working taxpayer who funds these officials, and you can kid us with your false diplomacy because no matter what is said; ‘job for the boys and girls’ is now a culture amongst councillors and politicians.


  12. The point I am making ( probably very badly ) is that majority of the jobs done by most of the Cllrs mentioned on here are not ” none jobs” and many of the Cllrs were already employed in they’re respective professions before they decided to enter public life so how can it be case of “jobs for the boys”.

    And when these individuals stand for public office it’s the good people of Rotherham who use they’re democratic right to vote them in to office.

    I am sure we all believe in the democratic system or are people inferring that the good people of Rotherham do not have the intellect to choose the right candidates to represent them?

    Just look at the example of Anston ward where the incumbent was voted out and replaced by an independent. Now you don’t hear the Labour Party bleating that the electorate were wrong, they might not be happy but as far as I am aware they have accepted the decision of the people.

    @Cas- Just because we have a different point of view there is no need 4 you to make scurrilous allegations that I may not be a taxpayer!!!!


  13. Mr Khan has a point folks, though there should be a concern with some councillors who receive an allowance for time they have to take off work paid by RMBC who also work in the public sector and receive paid time off by their employer to perform council duties they should only be allowed to claim for that time once from the taxpayer.

    If employed by a union then that is the business of their union members and nobody elses and as for Cllr Beck that is the business of chamber members.

    There is nothing wrong with shipping support in from outside the area to help with your campaign and the only question for Cllr Hoddinott from this video is what are you doing about the poorly kept grassed area in Flanderwell and even then I don’t live there so what business is it of mine.


    • Dear Mr Sylvester,

      I once heard the Caution Cabinet Clown respond to an incensed local ratepayer and voter in these words: “Tha carnt vote mee art cos tha carnt vote in marr Waaard, huh huh huh huh huh”.

      And that’s ample illustration of the reason for the animosity and downright contempt most of the active and empowered citizens in marr Warrrrd have for the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns.

      The days of us shuffling along cap and muffler in hand t’Union Office t’see iffen t’Secutteee can purrin a gud word forruz wit Cownsilluzz are long long gone. Those corpulent, Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns now answer to us.

      And answer and account to us they will, and actually do. Either t’hard way or t’easy way. Makes no difference to me. All Roads Lead To Rome.


  14. Mr Graldhunter

    It’s a good job for Shakesphere that he ain’t around anymore otherwise I do believe you would give him a good run for his money. Although not always agreeing with your views but I do have a smile on my face when I read your colourful use of the language -))))

    Don’t forget the pen is mightier than the sword ( of course the sword hurts a lot more but it’s a moot point )


  15. As regards Adam Khan’s protestations about the ‘other’ employment of elected councillors – it is nevertheless noticeable that the great majority of these ‘other’ jobs are not in the national wealth producing part of the economy – indeed they are decidedly in the hangers-on side. Furthermore, they are in essence convenient political reciprocal arrangements between Laybah controlled organisations e.g. I’m a Laybah councillor, so it would be ‘helpful’ if the neighbouring Laybah organisation could provide me with another job that allows me to be paid twice by the public.

    Truth is, none of these people would exist in the real world, where they have to actually ‘earn’ their corn.


  16. Well have we opened can of worms here! Trambuster and don you aqre right – if this lot didn’t turn up for a week nobody would notice.

    I am somewhat surprised by Mr Sylvester’s comments. He seems to think double standards are all right in public life. Seems to me he’s calmed down a bit since he got co-opted on to Thrybergh Parish Council. If it were the Tories he’s be screaming from the housetops and inundating the Advertiser with protestations.

    I take the view that regardles of the political affiliations of any council member, this sort of thing is despicable. Although I have to say that in my experience it is always worse in Labour controlled areas. Time this lot were outed,

    I thought one or other of them would have been bouncing about on this blog threatening all many or things. Name and Shame say I and to hell with them..

    Incidentally graldhunter, were you being sarcastic about Sue Ellis?


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