Leopard, Spots and Cllr Richard Russell

Cllr Richard Russell, remember him?

His constituents don’t even know what he looks like.

Well he is out to prove the saying that the Leopard never changes it`s spots.

For the good folks of Hoober this will sound familiar.

Not that easy to get hold of.
Does not get back to individuals.
Never seen at surgeries.
Never seen in Thurcroft.
Has cancelled the Saturday morning village walk round, he has a caravan at the coast.
Would not attend the Ulley Country park event, oh yes it was on a Saturday, he must have been at his caravan.
Will not attend meetings in Thurcroft.

He must have been taking lessons from ex-Cllr Hughes on how to be invisible.

And how much does this individual claim each year, more than the salary of a highly experienced school teacher!

Aneurin Bevan

5 thoughts on “Leopard, Spots and Cllr Richard Russell

  1. Not a real surprise for this one. Not the first to prefer the delights of the coast to Rotherham. It’s time they stopped paying each other so much – most of them appear to do nothing for it


  2. See this is the behavour that ticks me off, seriously. Rothpol I have a suggestion for you:

    Start your own party and we will all join and take on the dominating forces in this borough.

    Roll on the revolution.


  3. Don’t know much about Cllr Richard but unfair to say ex-cllr hughes was invisible. Didn’t really like the man but I often saw him about Woodsetts and called at his weekly surgery for help with a noisy neighbour. Never really read any of his Labour properganda but he put it through my door almost every month along with the your mag. Haven’t seen anything of the new bloke though or the other two and one of them lives here in Woodsetts.


  4. Interesting to note that the Cllr attended the Showmans Guild lunch, here in North Anston we have just had a planning application for a Travellers site submitted by the Showmans guild. Almost certain no connection???
    S Thornton


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