Cabinet question – Don Buxton follows up?


You may recall that on Wednesday 4 July 2012 I visited the RMBC Cabinet Meeting and asked the following question in connection with the Proposed Changes to Rotherham’s Library and Information Service:

“What independently accredited Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound criteria have RMBC Elected Members and Officers applied to determine that my very successful community library at Wickersley should be disadvantaged by a factor of more than 10% in the proposal to reduce its opening hours?”

The Chairman, Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, thanked me for the question and delegated Cllr Amy Rushforth to respond, which she did. I made notes of her response, among which was a reference to a “Local Needs Assessment”.

I shall be grateful if you, or one of your subordinate employees will provide me with an electronic copy of the document to which Cllr Amy Rushforth was referring, as I wish to acquaint myself with the methods, protocols, manner and weighting under which such “Local Needs Assessment” has been conducted and which has led to the recommendation by your staff that my very successful community library at Wickersley be disadvantaged by a proposed reduction in its opening hours.

I hope that you are able to assist me with this simple request and thus prevent the need for me to revert to use of the Freedom of Information Act to obtain statutory information.

On a final note I wish to thank the very pleasant and welcoming RMBC front counter staff and colleagues who kindly ushered me to the public chamber and ensured for my hospitality and comfort by providing me with a splendid mug of first-class coffee and a useful explanation to the use of the microphone.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

8 thoughts on “Cabinet question – Don Buxton follows up?

    • Oh stop it for heavens sake otherwise we gonna have to widen the Town Hall doors for his head to go through 4 his future appearances at the Cabinet meetings !!!!! -))))


      • Asalaam Alaikum, Jahangir bhai,

        Mr Buxton assures me that his head and cap size are so much much smaller than Da Dodger’s corpulent belly so there’s no need at all to widen the doors on his account.

        Is it really true that Da Dodger actually needs an obesity hoist to lift him in and out of Da Leedah’s Throne?

        Khuda Hafiz


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